Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shopping Etc. Girl

For todays post I have a secret I can share... finally.  I've been bursting at the seams with this news!

In late May I was contacted by Style at Home magazine.  I remember walking into my office after just returning from a job site, possibly the SGG house. I spend alot of time there, I'm almost done.  I miss it already :)

 Anita was in the office and on the phone when I walked in after a site meeting.  She took one look at me, winked and then said to the caller "one moment please".  Then she turned to me and said... "you're just in time, take a deep breath Style at Home is on the phone.  Remember to breathe"

Our conversation led to being asked to contribute to the August 2010 Edition of the Style at Home.  It just hit the shelves today.  For this issue I would be writing and taking photographs for the Shops Etc. column with the focus on PEI.  After I caught my breath and came back to earth I got to work on getting the page ready for production. 

Here's my page.  I am absolutely thrilled... And just to be a little more clear on the subject,  I am actually BEYOND THRILLED...SEVERELY THRILLED and then some :)  Style at Home is my favorite magazine.

This is part (emphasis on part) of my stack of them at home.  These "stacks" are in my upstairs bathroom, for now, I'm having my bookshelf painted.  I've been a subscriber for years and years and add a few more years and we're just about there. I think the "stack' went back to 2003.  I can't seem to part with them.  It's a sickness but in a good way.

Two years ago almost to the day SAH profiled my shop, Moving Designz Home & Cottage as one of the best places to shop in Canada.  I felt very lucky then too!!!  I'm definitely a fan, always have been always will be.  There's the special magic of being included in an issue.  It is all very special to me.  

And these are more of my "stacks".   I keep these ones within easy reach, in my livingroom, tucked under the cocktail table just in case I need a quick design fix or current inspiration.  Which I always do.  Does that make me a hoarder?  Uh huh :)  But wait there's more...

I have another basket in my main bathroom.  And the rest of them have migrated to the shop.  We use them regularly in our displays.

See that magazine on the tray, we had Style at Home on the tray for this bedroom display from last summer.  I actually posted on this some time ago.  We keep the magazine in the store to show ideas, products, and beautiful homes so people can see how to achieve a designer look with our "stuff".  It's great inspiration and it lets our customers know we are on top of the trends. 

Here's a close up of the seaside inspiration page (from above photo) which ironically enough, was a home designed by another creative PEI Islander, David Lopes architect. 

Personally, Style at Home has helped me to communicate my message more effectively on the job, particularly with carpenters.  I saw this perfect built in cabinet on the cover of the magazine several months ago.  I photocopied it and gave it to Mike (my carpenter...who is extraordinaire)  and said this is exactly what I want.   Can you build it for me?  He said no problem and then he did, as he always does.

My useless livingroom closet was about to become a Style at Home inspired built in cabinet. 

Wait a second there's more irony here... just for fun before I show the after picture I have to show you a close up of the magazine that was on my garden stool at the time when I took this photo before the do over.

Style at Home, Of Course!!!  Really folks this was not planned. I am not kidding you.  I posted on this long before the magazine approached me.  I think SAH magazines make great accessories!

The after shot and I got exactly what I wanted.  Thank you Mike :)  Thank you Style at Home.

My shelves are styled differently because the magazine is only inspiration.  You have to make things your personal style and then own it.

We've been serving lemon flavoured water for the last month in our store inspired by our Westin water experience in Toronto this past year.  Voila, this month it was "a do" in the S@H workbook.... How cool is that?  I swear to God we did not plan any of this.  However we did plant the sign after the article:).  Thanks Ashley, she's the sign gal.

Another of Ashley's signs and another huge month for us, finishing One Grafton (which will be featured on my next post), contributing to the SAH page, working to finish two cottages simultaneously, with three more rooms on the go, one cottage and three lofts and finishing up the SGG house.  Whew! 

XOXO  to Mike Robison - Kelly's Flower Shoppe.  I enjoyed this flower arrangement, from photographing it, to having it on my diningroom table for a week.  Loved it!  You did good ... my friend.

 XOXO Peter and Nash - The Dunes Art Gallery and Studio.  You truly have an amazing shop, I want the world to know.  Oh... I so love, love this piece.  It is amazing!

XOXO Pilar Sheppard - Pilar Sheppard Gallery.  This bear has caught my heart, like... forever.

XOXO  Wilfred and Gloria - Riverview Antiques.  True collectors...I always find special things out of the ordinary like these gorgeous colourful glass buoys. 


Thank you to the wonderful team at SAH magazine, Amanda, Julia and Margot.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be in your lovely magazine not once but twice.  See you next month at the SGG house ;)  I hear three times a charm.

And fellow bloggers, friends, readers and clients ... if there's one thing or two or three I've learned from this experience... read on.

Work at what you LOVE.

THINK of the possibilities.

Live your DREAMS and DREAM big.

IMAGINE anything you want.


A special hug to Anita, Ashley, Mike and Parker, my shop crew.  You make my job easier.  Love you all!!!

Thank you for reading.  Have a wonderful week!


DesignTies said...

Susan... I'm sooo excited for you! How fabulously fantastic!!!!!! I haven't purchased my August issue yet, but I'm going to be sure to do so the next time I'm at the store. Congrats Chickie!!
Victoria @ DesignTies

Kerri said...

Wow Susan, congratulations! How amazing to have been approached by your favourite magazine. But I'm not surprised - you have wonderful style. Love the closet conversion too - it looks fabulous! Oh, and can't wait to see the big reveal of One Grafton - very exciting! K xx

branch manager said...

Congratulations on the magazine article. I'm so happy to see your success happening in beautiful Summerside. Haven't managed a visit to your shop yet but have enjoyed 'window shopping' many times.

Shari MacLeod

Susan said...

All my comments have been disappearing lately. Before I even had a chance to publish and look at who made the comments today and I know there were 6 of them, blogger deleted them.

Is this happening to anyone else?

qerat said...

Very exciting Susan you have every right to be this thrilled.
And yes comments have been disappearing on our blog too
Hope this one makes it

A Room For Everyone said...

How wonderful Susan, congratulations!! Very well deserved I must say. Your style is beautiful, so well thought out and such attention to detail. Enjoy this moment..Can't wait to see the big reveal! Rachaelxx

Sharon said...

That's excellent news!Congrats:)
Oh and the built-in shelves look great.

this free bird said...

Susan - this is just AWESOME!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was so excited for you reading through your post!! wooooohoooooooo!

I'm going to send my mom out immediately to get a copy of the magazine. Must.have. Maybe I'll be visiting and can pick it up myself. Can't wait!

btw- hope blogger doesn't delete my comment. it's been happening a lot to me lately too. argh!

Lauren said...

Susan, we love that you love our magazine! Thanks so much for your kind words -- the whole staff has seen the post and you've made our day. :)

-Lauren McPhillips, Style at Home web editor

DesignTies said...

OMG, you are totally living my dream!!! Can I be you for a day... week... month... forever?! ;-)

Huge congrats on the feature in SAH, and as always, love all the beautiful rooms and items you've shared in this post :-)

Have a fabulous weekend!!


The Zhush said...

That is the best news...congrats! Wish I owned a copy of this...clearly its a very smart magazine! :)

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

A big fat congrats to you. I saw you in the magazine, when I was reading it over the weekend, and was very excited for you. I made everyone in the family look at it and admire the page - as if I actually knew you. Way to go.

Ideezine said...


Your planets must be lined up for "your time to shine in the light" how fantastic Susan! Your lists, timeline, organizing skills and detailed eyes are tools that are consistent and never let you down.

I am so happy for your success and great crew members that "believe" in team work. Anything is possible @ anytime


house for sale Philippines said...

What great post! Congrats! Looks wonderful, I'll have to go out and buy it so I can read it asap!

Deirdre G