Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday Field Trip

For this week's post it's time for a Friday field trip.  I've been working with the builder on this project since early this year when the large renovation project began.  The building process is almost done in most of the units so we're ready to decorate!!!

Friday was my day on site to complete Loft 4's main living space with furniture, artwork and accessories. 

I was so excited to finally see this empty unit turned into something special.  I still have 3 more to complete ... plus the upstairs living space in this unit  For today I'm going to share Fridays work.  Breathing some life into this empty space.

(Early into the construction process with the shell completed)

This new residential project in downtown Summerside involved converting an old feed mill building into 5 beautiful upscale loft condo units.  The builder is Peter Brown of Bayside Builders.  This man has vision, style and true apprecation and knowledge of the building process.

The SGG house project 2010.

A luxury beach house 2007.

Peter and I have been working together over the years on many projects, including both of the above homes and numerous other developments. 

Not only can his company and team of building professionals build beautiful new homes but they have the expertise to turn an old warehouse building complete with 100 year old (plus) beams into something special.  This is the raw space inside of the feed building before any work began.

The original ceiling timbers pictured above... were salvaged and kept in place, adding rustic charm.

 A few months later and the great room is taking shape,. Gone are the barren slat and lathe walls.

Fresh seaside inspired colours and furnishings.   Can I just say that I would move into this place in an instant?  I only wish it were located in Charlottetown... SOLD!

Furniture from Moving Designz Home & Cottage.

Another angle of the livingroom amidst construction.

Now that I've shared the livingroom, lets move on to the dining area.

View to dining nook before.

I want to point out the ceiling treatment between the beams. Look carefully and you will notice the ceiling is finished in beadboard... Loving it!!! Talk about coastal charm.  (and I know that fixture is way too high)

Before and another view, this time with a wider angle.

Let's look at the kitchen now ... I love this space. 


Ahhh I just love white kitchens...

It's not a big kitchen but totally big on style and use of space.

For more information on this beautiful loft condo please visit:

Unit 5 ... on the To Do list.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more images on this fantastic project.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reality is Settling in

Hmmm ... where to start this blog post.  I've been so busy over the past few weeks I have had no time to do any writing or blog posts.  I've had it on my "to do" list ... that incidentally never seems to end.  So many other life details and changes have taken priority in the past few weeks I've been preoccupied.  

Within the past 3 weeks the shop has really taken shape and is looking pretty fab.  The endless pile of paperwork is done and I'm starting to feel reenergized and organized.


This is our new shop display!  I took this photo yesterday.  This new display features pink, green, black, white and a touch of Christmas.  Very pretty.  It feels energetic! 
Can I just show you one more picture?

Same sofa, with yellow, turquoise and black, from our spring display at the Summerside shop.  Proving if you use a neutral background, in this case the sofa, any look is possible.  Colours just work!  Change out your accessories for an entirely brand new look.

Today I'm going to share some random pictures of things, thoughts and events which have inspired me recently.  This sparkly table top setting at the shop is one of them.

Wine that is named Open... how absolutely perfect!  I'm liking that...

Now that we're up and running at 98 Fitzroy St we had a small open house to mark the occasion.  I was trying to decide what type of food to have and cake sounded good...

A Moving Designz cake... of course!
I did not know that you could take an image and have it placed directly onto a cake until 2 weeks ago.  I'm not sure how many bakeries offer this service.  Isn't it cool?  All I had to do was bring in my logo image, which they scan and then place onto the cake.  The local Sobeys store did this with 2 days notice.

I also noticed these mouth watering chocolate treats.... while I waited to pick up my cake.  OMG I wanted to buy one (yeah two... all) and just gorge.  Is that why they make them?  So people like me can feel guilty about even wanting one?  I fought the urge took my cake and ran away before I caved.

 Speaking of sweet things... I think these pretty little espresso cups with built in spoons would be the most perfect little dishes for serving individual desserts.  

New News!!! 


Meet Susan Rogers of Blue Mountain Entertainment.
A local film maker I've been meeting with over the last few weeks with a very exciting idea/concept ... Excerpt from Susan's webblog below. 

"In other news, the rumours are true, I am in the very early stages of planning a new reality based Design Show with Susan Snow of Moving Designz. No more news on that yet because we have a lot to sort out but I am hoping we will get an 8 minute pilot shot in  January."...

I guess since she's putting it out there I will too! I told my sister last night who just kept giggling and repeating "are you for real?" As in Reality TV? Yes!  Maybe!

The local paper did an amazing story on my business last weekend called  "Living the Dream"

More Good Karma! 
Another really amazing thing happened last month which I've been wanting to post on... Kelly James, my fellow blogger and friend from Jax Decor just happened to stop by for a visit all the way from Ottawa to PEI.   Her and hubby took a vacay to PEI and stayed at Number One Grafton and we got to have dinner and cocktails together.   

This is Kelly's stunning purple bedroom via her website (eat your heart out Ash)  Kelly is a big fan of purple.  You must and I mean must go to her website and look at her beautiful house.  She has such a great eye and her house is to die for.  I luff her style !!! 
I'm loving purple lately too!  Purple + Shoes + Bling = Shoe Heaven 

Proof... right here, right now, my new purple shoes.  Love design and love great shoes.  
Perfect with jeans on a casual Friday :)  Shoe envy?  Kelly has it, Ashley has it ( another purple fan), Anita has it, Karrie has it and a total of 30 odd customers apparently have it too!!!

Back to more random shop images .. this gorgeous white sofa that everybody loves (including me) arrived at the shop last week.  

One more view... with those pillows... I love the whole look, especially paired with the teak storage coffee table, custom graphic pillows and white cutwork accessories.  If you follow me, you will note all my August purchases that I blogged on from the buying show are finally arriving,  yeah!

 The new bedroom display, chocolate, white and green.  Coming into winter feeling warm and fresh.  Peppermint patty anyone?

The new window display... more chocolate, pretty blues and some bling.  I love the mirrored tables.... not to mention the chrome studded chair... oh love!

Large oversized wall clocks just arrived at Moving Designz Home & Cottage

Time to be thankful to family, friends and customers for your kindness and loyalty.  The flowers, the emails, the notes, the phone calls, the drop bys, the words of encouragement, the invites, the hugs, the tears, the dinners, and the unending offers of help.  All very, very appreciated.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it"   
Many, many thanks ...  :) 

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!