Sunday, October 4, 2009

Holiday in Jasper

I feel so guilty I haven't been posting. Since I've been back which is almost 2 weeks now I have had to overcome jet lag and a cold (caught from my adorable nephew) and getting back into a regular work schedule. I climatized very well to a 3 hour time change, after 2 weeks of sleeping in until 8am, which is really 11am here, it made readjusting here very difficult. Not being a morning person trying to get back into the swing of things has been a challenge for me.

I've been emailing with Kelly from Design Ties and following her lead I am going to share some of my favorite pictures of my holiday with you. I hope you don't find them boring. My trip was fantastic.

This is my beautiful sister and full time tour guide and hostess for my trip. She moved to Jasper 20 years ago and has never looked back.

Because the town is so small the most popular mode of transportation is biking. And people take their bikes seriously. The retro bike look is definitely "the in thing".
Here is my sis aka Vanna White getting ready to pick up the kids from kindergarten and pre-school. It's hard to tell in such a small image but inside that cart are a total of 3 bikes and assorted helmuts for her 3 young children.

I had to take a picture of her front yard. It's the only one like it in Jasper ;) Directions to her house, follow Princess St (private joke) ...errr Patricia St until you come to the house with the yard full of toys...

My 2 adorable nephews checking out the fish at Malinge Lake.

This is my sweet little niece on a perfect fall day in the mountains. I love this picture.

Nephews with dad...

One of my favorite pictures, little Thomas and me. He was the only one who could sit still for a picture.

The local stores had some absolutely stunning flower boxes. Have you ever seen Nasturiums so big? I might as well mention that the temperatures were in the high 20's the entire time. No wonder the flowers were doing so well!
I liked this marked entrance to a restaurant. You just don't see this mosaic work everyday. Again kind of retro... I couldnt believe that for a town of 4000 people they had something like 30 restaurants, coffee bars and pubs.
And speaking of which... I came across this dog dish in front of the Ded Dog Bar. Read below for further comments.

Perhaps the people of Jasper have such a sense of humor and whimsy because of this... they actually deliver wine to your house in this town!

I couldn't help but take a picture of this adorable little grey dog and her pink harness. I considered a new career as a dog napper after seeing this cute little pooch. I wonder what her name is?

We did a tour of The Jasper Park Lodge Resort. This is the largest of the cabins and where my sister and her husband got married and had their reception. While you can't tell from this image it is a massive cabin with 8 executive hotel rooms at the rear of the cabin. The Queen stayed here when she was in town a few years back.

Proving Adironack chairs aren't just an East Coast thing.

I got to see some wildlife too. Big horned sheep by the side of the road.

My close encounter with a black bear right outside our vehicle. Thank you very much for all of my friends who joked about bears. Looking carefully you can see the rear view mirror with me taking this picture. That was a close call and something you don't see everyday.

Lets go Fly some Rocks. This is me getting ready for my helicopter tour of the Rockies. My sister and her husband operate High Country Heli Tours as a sideline business.

The adventure is about to begin...

Scenes from up in the air.

The valley leading to Jasper.

Mt Robson off in the distance is the highest of the peaks in the Canadian Rockies. So many shades of grey.

This picture was taken at Pyramid Lake. The water was like glass.

The golf course at Jasper Park Lodge. We played in a fundraising tournement one day.

And lastly this picture was taken at the watering hole for the golf tournement. The lake is an amazing azure colour.
Next week I will be posting pictures of the interior of the store. Much of our colourful fall merchandise has arrived and the store is looking fantastic. I can't wait to share our new displays with you.
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!