Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gold Heather Gold

Hello readers and Olympic fans, once again I am dedicating my blog to Heather Moyse.

A track recond and four number one finishes in the Olympic bobsleigh competion.... led to a Golden evening last night.    Summerside's Heather Moyse and Calgary's Kaillie Humphries rocked it for Canada bringing home a Gold!!!  

With second place going to two other outstanding Canadian sledders, Helen Upperton and Shelley-Ann Brown in Canada 2.  Way to go ... last night the women were owning the podium :)  Yay, girls, love it!!!!

I'm sure all of us here and across Canada were sitting on the edge of our seats last night....letting out a huge hurray when she won.  She is a super athlete and truly deserving of gold for her sporting achievements. 

Everyone in the City of Summerside is just so thrilled for her and Summerside pride is alive and well today.

The front page of our local paper, big big news!!!!

Our building and scores of other local buildings and business owners got into the Olympic spirit posting signs of encouragement for our hometown girl.  We believed.....

At Moving Designz Home & Cottage our display window has been dressed for Olympic spirit since Day 1.  This is our version of the Olympic rings.... Olympic pillows :)  It seems this year our national pride and patriotism has been stronger than ever. 

Everyone has loved these games and are so proud of Vancouver and Vancouverites for these 2010 games.

I was thinking about women athletes last night after a day of women picking up all the swag/medals for Canada on Wonderful Wednesday.  Did you realize that 11 of our 15 medals so far have gone to women athletes? Congratulations to all of our female Olympians for their tremendous dedication and hard work.  This is an interesting article.  More on our women here...

To you, my blogger friends and  readers, who were also cheering her and her team mate on... thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful emails and comments today. 

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the final games!  I know I will.... check out my new profile pic :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Furniture Love...

As a follow up to my gift show post.... as promised I am posting images of furniture we ordered and/or loved for Moving Designz Home & Cottage.  These are pieces we hand selected from the January furniture show that Anita and I attended.  The stores aestetic and selections are a combination of modern classic and modern contemporary style. 

This was one of the display rooms at the show.  Unfortunately the colour is a little off.  It's very difficult to take a great picture of a darkly lit room.  In person it had deep purple walls mixed combined with white, lucite and lots of sexy black and crystal accessories.

I posted several months ago on rooms that I would love to have as part of my dream house.
Do you remember this table?  I couldn't forget it!

I purchased 2 of these beauties.  One for the store and one for my house.  It is now in my diningroom...
and I absolutely love love it!!!!  My house is almost completed.  I still have a few details to get finished and this table makes me happy.

I found the slatted chairs (as shown above) a little too busy.  Instead we chose 8 of these lovely upholstered dark wood chairs to complement the table in the shop.  The table is a full 6' long with an 18" leaf.  Plenty of room for 8 or more.

We ordered 3 of these tufted leather benches, black, white and brown.  The white and brown arrived last week and we're waiting for the black one to arrive...back orders.  Perfect for hallways, end of beds or as extra seating in your livingroom.

This is a beautiful image of how you can use a bench in your home.  It fits in very nicely in a modern classic home.

We ordered one of these Barcelona chairs for our showroom in a rich chocolate brown leather.  I've been wanting one for the showroom for awhile now.  It should be
arriving any day now.  These chairs are uber comfortable!!!

And another photo for inspiration.
A very sophisticated table collection for livingroom or bedroom or both.  All of these pieces are available in cherry, black or white with brushed chrome pulls.
Loving the white.  In fact we used this table collection in one of our design projects last year.

Twin bedroom, Spring 2009 project.
Bedside side chest.

We used the black version of the chest in the master suite.

Inspiration room....

I love these chairs.  They are small in scale, perfectly proportioned and very comfortable.

 We ordered a charcoal grey sofa too!
This room screen was simply amazing.  I love the circle motif.  I could see this piece mounted to the wall and being used as a queen headboard.

An awesome sideboard.  I wish I had a bigger diningroom... but for someones house this will be perfection.

Love this sofa... paired with...
A very linear cocktail table.  

These pieces combined remind me of this beautifully appointed room.

Oversized canvas artwork.  Perfect over the sofa or fireplace.  Great range of  colour.

These chunky wooden cubes are very versatile.  Paired up they would make a nice cocktail table arrangement.  Could also be used as extra seating, side tables or how about 4 to create a square table perfect for sectionals.

And to finish this post...I need to show off my new boots which were oh so perfect for walking the show.  "Park Boots" from Chinese Laundry.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspiration and Pretty Things

For todays post I thought I would share some pictures from last weeks buying trip for Moving Designz Home & Cottage.  We were shopping for Spring and Summer accessories and artwork for the shop.  I've been busy travelling every single weekend and today is the first day I've had a chance to sit down and get some blogging done.

The day before leaving on the trip I purchased a new IPhone.  I absolutely love it... I took all of the pictures from the show with it.  I only wish I had it during the furniture show 2 weeks previous.  And also wish it had a flash.

The show was The Canadian Gift and Tableware.  Held in Toronto Jan 31- Feb 4.

Ashley came to the show with me.  This was her first trip to Toronto.  I could not honestly get all my work done without her and Anitas help on a daily basis.  They both work in the shop full time it only makes sense to bring them with me since they do most of the stocking, merchandising and store sales.  Thank you gals!

One of the first things we saw was this piece of artwork.  In fact, Ashely saw it and immediately said OMG its Chilly.  My dog is famous.  This picture is a dead ringer for my dog, minus the suit, so I had to include this in my post. 

Let's have a look at some of the pretty things we saw... starting with this toss cushion.  It's pretty self explanatory.  On to more things I love... love ... love
More love!!! Is it just me or is this upholstered bench seat amazing?
White... lots of white.  Many of the accessories we saw were white and very sculptural.

Adore doesn't even begin to describe cover how I felt in this suppliers room display... very chic chic.  Loving... it!

This collection of art prints was so striking. 

Pretty pretty flowers, flowers and more flowers in all the booths.


The picture does not even do this arrangement justice, at all.  Lovely pink magnolias.

This gorgeous arrangement was in the lobby of the Congress Centre.

How's this for an amazing light fixture?

This sculpture was also in the lobby.  I don't know who the artist is but OMG I love it!!!

Ending off the trip with all the beautiful things I would be remiss if I didn't post this picture.  This car was on display outside of our hotel in downtown Toronto.  Unfortunately it didn't fit in my suitcase or my budget. 

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!  I know we did :)