Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gold Heather Gold

Hello readers and Olympic fans, once again I am dedicating my blog to Heather Moyse.

A track recond and four number one finishes in the Olympic bobsleigh competion.... led to a Golden evening last night.    Summerside's Heather Moyse and Calgary's Kaillie Humphries rocked it for Canada bringing home a Gold!!!  

With second place going to two other outstanding Canadian sledders, Helen Upperton and Shelley-Ann Brown in Canada 2.  Way to go ... last night the women were owning the podium :)  Yay, girls, love it!!!!

I'm sure all of us here and across Canada were sitting on the edge of our seats last night....letting out a huge hurray when she won.  She is a super athlete and truly deserving of gold for her sporting achievements. 

Everyone in the City of Summerside is just so thrilled for her and Summerside pride is alive and well today.

The front page of our local paper, big big news!!!!

Our building and scores of other local buildings and business owners got into the Olympic spirit posting signs of encouragement for our hometown girl.  We believed.....

At Moving Designz Home & Cottage our display window has been dressed for Olympic spirit since Day 1.  This is our version of the Olympic rings.... Olympic pillows :)  It seems this year our national pride and patriotism has been stronger than ever. 

Everyone has loved these games and are so proud of Vancouver and Vancouverites for these 2010 games.

I was thinking about women athletes last night after a day of women picking up all the swag/medals for Canada on Wonderful Wednesday.  Did you realize that 11 of our 15 medals so far have gone to women athletes? Congratulations to all of our female Olympians for their tremendous dedication and hard work.  This is an interesting article.  More on our women here...

To you, my blogger friends and  readers, who were also cheering her and her team mate on... thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful emails and comments today. 

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the final games!  I know I will.... check out my new profile pic :)


AB HOME Interiors said...

How fun! I wish I had a window like that! Way to be supportive!

Karen Fraser, H.R. Dept of Health & Wellness, Prov of PEI said...

So happy to share the Olympic spirit with my best friend Susan, you are a wonderful support to this community and on behalf of your Island customers,business community and friends, thank you....Go Canada Go!!

A Room For Everyone said...

How wonderful, congratulations Canada! Just love your country - and your blog. Your island has been on my must visit list since I was a little girl watching Anne of Green Gables! Rachaelx

DesignTies said...

Yesterday was the BEST day of the Olympics so far -- we seriously rocked Vancouver & Whistler!! I cheered for both our bobsleigh teams from the top of the run right down to the bottom -- how awesome that we won gold AND silver!!

And what can you say about Clara Hughes... she's just awesome. I was hoping she'd get a gold or silver, but bronze isn't too shabby :-) She's an amazing athlete and an amazing Canadian :-)

Fingers are crossed for Joannie tonight... whether or not she wins a medal, I hope she has a great skate that she'll be proud of.


P.S. Love your window tribute to the Olympics and your new profile pic :-)

Anonymous said...

I was so close to giving up my tickets for the Women's Bodsleigh in order to watch the Canada Russia game on the line. It is amazing the power of social technology, through tweets and email, I was able to get the best of both worlds.

I took a whack of photos and coverage of Canada's Gold and Silver Medal final. You can check it out at

As a Canadian you can't top Olympic Hockey but in reflection watching Canada win both Gold and Silver is something special. kudos to your coverage

Annie@A View On Design said...

wasn;t it wonderful how that woman skated 4 days after her mum died, dedicating it to her mum and winning a medal - so touching! *sigh*

Susan said...

All of our women athletes deserve our applause and praise. I think Joannie Rochette displayed tremendous courage despite her heart break. it brought tears to my eyes to watch her skate.

DesignTies said...

I loved every minute of the Olympic games and even spent some time downtown at the venues. Sunday night - after our nail-bitting hockey win - Brian and I followed our daughter down to join the revellers in the streets... what phenominal and positive energy!! I'm so honoured to be Canadian!! Our athletes performed wonderfully, and my city hosted the world to the best games ever!!

Congrats to your home-town hero, Susan... think of all the wonderful things we ALL can do if we just keep believing!!

P.S. I hope you'll drop by to check out the bathroom I just completed... I'm very proud of my work!