Saturday, February 21, 2009

We shopped 'til we dropped!

For todays post I thought I would share some images of the new spring interior displays and merchandise at Moving Designz Home & Cottage. Alot of the new decor is from the buying shows in Toronto last month and has been arriving daily. We've been extra busy over the past 2 weeks receiving many of our new items and setting up the store for a fresh spring look.

Since the store looks so beautiful right now I can't help but want to share with you. If you have any questions on any of the merchandise feel free to email me.
We just got another shipment today. More beautiful furniture, home decor and jewelry...
This is our spring window display. A gorgeous suede cream chair, a mirrored side table and a fabulous chrome floor lamp.

Bright fresh tangerine accessories proving orange is not only a great fall colour to decorate with but when paired with grey dinnerware, reds and yellow is stunningly fresh.

We have plenty of new artwork canvases. Prices range from $15-35 per print.

Our diningroom display features bright yellows and spring greens. What a nice pop of colour!

And we have plenty of faux green green apples to fill up your bowls. On the way are lemons, limes and oranges.

These coloured seed balls are the perfect accessory for adding pops of colour. Use them to fill up jars, bowls or clear glass vases. $8.50 per bag.

Looking for the perfect notepad for your handbag, one that never gets lost? These brightly coloured notepads are only $8.00. Also shown are our brightly coloured wrist bangles perfect for adding a splash of colour to any outfit.

Our bamboo laquerware is always a hit. And the brightly coloured art prints add a graphic modern touch to any space.

We have a really good selection of bamboo cutting boards, bowls and tall grasses.
This is one of our livingroom displays. Featuring our new leather club chairs. These small scaled chairs fit great into smaller rooms.
This cabinet is perfect as a wine bar/liquor cabinet, entry console or entertainment unit. Only $372.00.
This round glass topped dining table is stunning ( I don't think the picture does it justice) and just perfect when paired with 4 upholstered armchairs.
New bowls in a lovely lily design and a fantastic tube lamp.
These are our new dark brown leather club chairs.
Our clock display with a couple of sculptural white bowls and beautiful ceramic table lamps.
The bedroom display is all about chocolate and pink. The velvet button headboard is brand new and won't last long...
Lets lool at some of our pretty new accessories.

These ceramic spheres are creamy with a hint of celadon green.

New jewelry!!! Lots of long silver and gold tone necklaces are now in stock.

We have only a few bags left in our handbag department. Look for more summer colours coming next month.

Storage boxes are now on sale and at 20% off they won't last long.

These are a couple of swatches of the new fabric swatches available on all of our Stylus sofas or chairs. We have many new colours and fabrics to match any decor.

In the design center we have this fantastic cabinet offering oodles of good looking storage.

This is where I worked today getting a colour palette together for a client. Also new a entire selection of new designer fabrics in beautiful colour combinations.

I love this fabric combination... hope my client does too.
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

Friday, February 13, 2009

On Display

For todays post I thought we would look at room accessorizing. For many of us this can be difficult as we all have favorite things to display but do not want to end up with a cluttered look.

Here are some quick tips to create an interesting arrangement. Cluster your items together using colour or objects in a unified theme. Vary the height for visual interest perhaps starting with a tall flower arrangement(orchids are perfect for this....see previous post) or branches. Tall items start behind and work your way out with smaller items. Work in odd numbers 3, 5, or 7. Asymmetrical arrangements are more casual than symmetrical. Think about scale... vary the size of your items depending on your surface. A stack of hardcover books sitting on a coffee table can be used as a riser for smaller items.

One thing I like to do is take a digital image and then review it. I find this helps to give your room a different perspective. Let's look at some beautifully accessorized rooms and spaces for inspiration ...starting with livingrooms.

Thanks for reading. Have a great fantastic Valentines Day weekend!