Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Grafton St, Site Visit

This has been a very busy few weeks for me and all of us at Moving Designz Home & Cottage.  The shop is filled with fabulous furniture and accessories and all of our design projects are progressing very nicely.  

 We've been working steadily at Number One Grafton getting the B & B ready for guests. Graeme and Judy, the owners and innkeepers, have been working very hard to get their dream business up and running and ready for guests. 

Today I'm going to post on... Suite 2 and Suite 3.  Suites 1, 4 & 5 are 99% complete and almost photo ready. 

This suite is done.  It's a lovely room for guests to relax, unwind and enjoy a good nights rest. 

This is a look at the fabric choices, the basis for the colour scheme of this suite. For the walls we chose BM Flagstaff, a warm grey brown.

I'm going to share more of the construction process with you.  In its original state this was a very good sized bedroom.  Lets do a little before, during and after..


The bedroom originally with its beautiful floors and bright yellow walls.

The tools have arrived and with them the process begins.  To the left of the firebox we took out a wall, added a door and through the door a new full ensuite bathroom... hence all those tools and pipes.

In this image the walls have been painted but there's still lots left to do.

Fast forward 3 months and the custom window treatments are installed.  The new light fixture is up and furniture and accessories have arrived and are beginning to be placed.

Now the suite is completely finished (minus one floor lamp) and looking warm and inviting.  All of the window treatments, furnishings, accessories are from Moving Designz Home & Cottage.

A close up of the seating area.  The new floor lamp will be going into the corner and should be here next week!

An alternate view.



Now lets have a look at the ensuite bathroom.

This is a totally new room carved out of a former entry to the third floor.  The plumbing has just been roughed in.

And further along the walls are now painted, the new tile floor installed and the electrical is ready.

The ensuite is now completely finished and ready for guests.

Let's have a look next door at Suite 3.

The colour scheme for this sunny suite is greens, creams and blues.  Walls are painted BM Hazy Skies.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the project.  The pink had to go!!!

A further along and the walls have received one coat of paint and the floors are sanded for refinishing.

 The custom drapes are now hung, floors finished, bed is in and we're choosing art pieces to complement this rooms beautiful colours.  Still a few more pieces of furniture to come.

I had to show a close up of this art piece.  It's actually a piece silk kimono my clients picked up Malaysia and had framed.  It's stunning and looks beautiful in this rooms decor.  Also a nice close up of the drapery fabric, which is just beautiful.

This is now a finished room.  One more off the list :)

This suites bathroom was also totally gutted and rebuilt from scratch.  Originally the main door was off the hallway when it was an apartment.  The contractor opened up the wall to the right of the bed to create this ensuite.

 The stand up shower is a beautiful clean glass enclosure with sparkling hardware and crisp white subway tiles.  We also had a custom roman shade sewn with the same fabric in the rooms drapery.  In fact, we did this for all the suites.

Opposite the shower is where the jetted soaking tub was installed.

Fast forward a couple of months ... the walls are now drywalled and the floor tile is installed. 

Completely finished now :)  The exposure was more than a little off in this image... sorry.  I actually forgot my memory card for my SLR Nikon camera and had to take all the pics with my instant Olympus.  I found out you can't have too many cameras yesterday.

A close up of my clients beautiful Chinoiserie canister sets sitting on the tub deck. 

As you can clearly see each suite has it's own individual colour scheme.  However, I believe in keeping things simple, as do my clients, so many of the same finishes and details are carried through to every suite and ensuite.  

I have one last pictue to share.  The main entry is finally finished too.  What a welcoming site!   This project has been 2 years in the making and I am so happy to finally see everything come together. 

For details on staying at this luxury B & B in downtown Charlottetown,
Contact The Sheldons at 877-390-0111.  Website available for online bookings at 

Thanks for reading.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kate and Gordies Stunning Home

For todays post I'm going to share Kate and Gordies stunning home with you.  This home is absolutely beautiful if I do say so myself... and I do say. 

I've been working with Kate for a year, pre-construction - the blueprint and planning stage, during construction- all those endless decisions and finally the fun part... post construction- filling the house with beautiful furniture, accessories and window treatments.

It's not completely finished however it is done enough to start sharing some photos.

Lets start at the beginning.... of this beautiful waterfront home.

The framing has just been completed at this stage.  On this particular day Kate and I were at the house reviewing all the finishes we selected. 

Fast forward a couple of months.  This is a slightly different angle of the great room and the view as you enter the home from the front door.  As you can see the drywall is now completed and construction debris and necessities have engulfed the room.

I posted a blog early in December which showed our fabric selection and furniture choices. This is what we were working with ... and now we see it really come to life in the home now that all the furniture is placed.

I took this photo on Thursday when I stopped by to drop off bedding.  I decided it was time to get some pictures.  I've been dying to blog on this home. 

A slightly closer view of the main seating area.  This is a huge open space room... with an amazing view everywhere you look inside and outside.

And closer still.... let's look around at additional views of this room.

The fireplace wall just after the framing was completed.

A little further along...  All those boxes are the bamboo hardwood flooring and the cabinets are destined for the kitchen and custom built-in cabinets.

Here we see the built- in cabinet is almost complete, the fireplace still needs tile and the coffee table has made its debut.  It's looking good... not done yet though.

It's certainly done now!  OMG it is so beautiful.  I hope these pictures do this room justice even though they are kind of small.

A closer look at the built in cabinets next to the fireplace.

Although it's not clearly visible the fireplace entertainment wall is clad in a honed marble tile which is a perfect match to the wall colour.  In case, you're wondering BM Edgecomb Grey is on the walls throughout the main floor.

This view is the dining area next to the front entry.  On this day the electricians were on site working on the ceiling lighting which is why you see the scaffolding. 

This is the view now.  This area will become the diningroom however that furniture has yet to arrive.  And my clients are just deciding about the drapes.  For now the windows have pleated shades which take up very little room when closed fully.

I just had to show you a close up of the diningroom light fixture.  Next up the kitchen.

The kitchen wall early on....

The cabinet builder is just working on placing the perimeter cabinets. 

A little later and the double islands were going into their places.  Yes ... that's right double islands, one for practical use and the other the bar/entertaining island.  I did mention this great room area was huge, didn't I?


I was actually on site this day to choose the kitchen cabinet hardware.  I brought this hardware sample board with me and we choose the series on the left for the kitchen. 

The kitchen and the entertaining island is now completely ready for Kate and Gordie and their guests. 


This is a close up of the second working island.  On it is Kates lovely collection of colourful Fiestaware.  We were comtemplating and laying an arrangement that will be hung as an art piece in the diningroom.

In this view, I'm showing the wall for the Fiestaware is just to the right of this image looking from the living area.

Originally we were going to tile the backsplash in a blue glass tile but after Kate saw the this tile from my Oasis Kitchen and Bath project she wanted it in her kitchen too.  I have to tell you that Gordie and his family have done most of the surface tile and flooring installations throughout this house.  One of his last projects is the kitchen backsplash which if you've noticed has not been completed yet.  He has had a very long To Do list in his off work days.

The view over the sectional sofa to the kitchen.  The doorway to the left (seen just over the sofa) leads to the sunroom/den.

At this point the tile flooring has just been laid.

Now it's a very cozy light and airy sunroom for them to enjoy and kick back with a glass of wine or two :)

Or to browse through a magazine... The latest editions of Style at Home and Canadian House and Home.  I don't know about you but I'm thinking when this home is complete it will be worthy of either of these magazines.

As I said the home is not quite finished but I thought you would enjoy a tour of the progress to date.  I can't wait to share the rest of this house with you on a later post.  As well, One Grafton St should be ready for the final photos in another week or so.  Final touches are going on right now.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend!