Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Field Trip to Grafton St

For this weeks post it's time to share progress at Number One Grafton St. 

This historic house has been pretty much completely gutted and rebuilt.  The house will be a 5 star Bed and Breakfast located in downtown Charlottetown and open for stays starting in June.  The renovations have been underway since last fall.  The construction phase is now done.  These past few weeks we've been focusing on putting the house together with the decorating phase and the final details.  This last week I was at the house inspecting the newly installed window treatments and assisting my clients with placing artwork, furniture and accessories.

I'm going to blog more frequently over the next two weeks on this amazing transformation.  It's way too big for one post!  We're still not quite done but within the next 3 weeks everything will be complete.  The final reveal will be amazing but for today I am inspired to show you where we are at now.  Lets look at the progrss in the entry, office and the lounge area. 

This was the original entrance to the house.  A small foyer with a closet front and center.  The staircase to the second floor was on the opposite side of this entrance.  It was decided to flip it to the main entry which opened up the entire space.

Plans were drawn and redrawn with careful calculations so that the staircase could be moved into the entrance.  No small feat to do this but it was achievable.  This image is just after it was framed out last fall.

A little further along and now we have a beautiful large entry. The wall to the right was removed.  I have to tell you there was once a small kitchen on the other side of that.  The kitchen was removed and once this wall came down this area was reconfigured to create a space for the open plan office.

Panel detailing was added to the walls to enhance the staircase.

And this is how it looked last week.  Not quite done but almost... we have a gorgeous mirror to mount above the chest.  When I post the final pictures I will have to be sure to include the entry light fixture.  I'm disappointed that I never got it in this photograph...darn it!  But it's worth waiting for in the final reveal.

I also missed getting a close up of the wall sconces going up the stairs.  This is what they look like.

I had to take a close up the my clients collection of stunning Chinoiserie and this beautiful antique tea chest. 

 Treasures from living on the other side of the world and perfectly suited to this grand home. 


This is the office space and one of the last areas to be completed in construction.  It became a kind of catch all space for the longest time.

This is the office now with a great seating area and lovely built in book shelves.  The desk area on the other side still needs some tweaking and wasnt quite ready for its photo debut but this side is looking great.  I'd say done.  Yay...

This is a close up of the fabric we used on the custom window shades.  It's from Kravet, pattern History, colour 16.  A soft pale yellow.  Stunning!

To the left of the entry you enter the lounge area.  This room was pretty great to begin with and there was no need to do any gutting here.  We had the room repainted, added a new light fixture, window treaments and new furnishings.  This photo was at the beginning of the project with the new energy efficient windows sitting in the room waiting to be installed.

The new seating arrangement in front of the bay windows.  The cream and pale yellow striped silk draperies look amazing and the furniture completes the picture.  I like this picture because you can see the original molding detail.  They truly are spectacular and original to this century house.  To the right is the diningroom which I will show you in another post.

Here I'm showing another angle of the same room early on.... with the new windows.

The furniture for all areas of the house has arrived in this shot.  Now we just have decide where everything is going to fit in and look best. 

Same angle with everything cleaned up and artwork waiting to be hung.  The lamps and side tables are next on the list.  It is a very lovely and welcoming room.  Perfect for guests.

One last look at the seating area in the lounge.  I think it's beautiful, fresh, airy and bright.  The settee has been freshly upholstered, the chairs are new and the table is a beautiful antique from France.  Stay tuned for more posts.  I can't wait to share the 5 very unique suites.  Here's a look at one of the fabulous drapery fabrics from Suite 4.

I actually had a big weekend which is why I am late posting.

Yeah ...thats me in my best I finally bought a new truck yesterday pose.  I know... I know it's really an SUV but I like saying truck.  It will be perfect for hauling cargo to the job sites.  I'm so excited I had to take it on a long drive today.  In case you're wondering it's a brand new Mitsubishi Endeavor.  And it's cream, I love it :)

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


DesignTies said...

I sooo want to visit Charlottetown and stay at Number One Grafton!! Beautiful, Susan... just lovely! This is just a sneak peak, and you definitely have me wanting to see more!!

Nice new truck - I call my SUV a truck too. :-)

qerat said...

Beautiful transformation and the bay window seating area is really beautiful.

The Zhush said...

That stairway, and the chest with the blue and white treasures on perfect!!! Can not wait to see the mirror. Congrats on your truck too!

A Room For Everyone said...

Coming along nicely..I do love the stairs, the panels, the sconces and the gorgeous fabric in the office..I love the new car too! Rxx

Designer Decor - Designed For Living said...

Everything looks so great! Can't wait to see more pictures. I love the fabric you picked for one of the suites.

Edward the 3rd - Live Entertainment said...

Heh ! I love what you did with the new seating arrangement in front of the bay windows... beautiful pic ! ... No. 1 Grafton is now definitely worthy of five stars ;)

and... nice truck !

AB HOME Interiors said...

What fabulous before and afters! Just lovely!

DesignTies said...

Congrats on your new "truck" :-) Can I call my smart car a truck too?? ;-)

The B&B is looking gorgeous!! I'm trying to convince hubby to do a short side-trip to PEI when we go to NS in August. We'll have our dogs with us, so we won't be able to stay at Number One Grafton. But if we can find dog-friendly accommodations near Summerside, I will definitely pop into your shop :-)

Looking forward to seeing more!!


DesignTies said...

Ooops, forgot to mention that we're having a Mother's Day giveaway at DesignTies. Come check it out -- you could win a beautiful Lisa Leonard necklace :-)


DesignTies said...

We'd be coming to PEI around August 15th, I think. Still waiting for all the details on the NS portion of the trip :-) I'll keep you posted!!

Thanks for participating in our giveaway :-) I added an option to post about our giveaway for an extra entry, so you can do that if you'd like :-)

Lisa's jewelry is beautiful, and I could totally see it in your shop :-)


Grace said...

That is so gorgeous. Such beautiful details in the house, such gorgeous fabrics you have used. I'm craving more photos, which thankfully I will get to see soon. Oh and lovely truck and lovely pose with your truck.