Monday, May 10, 2010

My Closet Makeover

For todays post I thought I would share with you my closet makeover.  You see, I have one too many doors in my livingroom- doorway to livingroom, doorway to diningroom, doorway to bedroom, doorway to dressing room/bathroom and then this closet door stuck in the corner.  It really does not serve any purpose.  It's too far away for coats and tucked behind the chair it always looked kind of odd.  

As part of my house renovations, which have been going on for months and months, I decided to get rid of the door and have my carpenter install a built-in cabinet in its place. 

That's the closet right there in the corner.  The room looks good except for that and the ceiling which I still need to get done.

I snapped this picture after Mike ,my carpenter, had left for the day Thursday.  The door is gone now and outfitted with the unpainted cabinet.  A couple more moldings and it was done on Friday.  I'm loving it!

I primed and painted it myself on Saturday.  I usually try to avoid painting at all costs but I just couldn't stand looking at the bare wood and empty shelves all weekend.  And all of a sudden my room feels 10 times bigger.

I couldn't wait to fill up the shelves with pretty things.

  I still might swap out the upper shelf and the middle shelf accessories.  What do you think?

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


Eden said...

What a great idea!! It turned out beautifully! I have no opinion about your shelves othet than I love what's there either way!

2 Hounds Design said...

Beautiful job!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Very smart, functional and pretty idea, Susan. Sure makes a difference in the room. I like the pop of color on the middle shelf.

DesignTies said...

Love it!! Great idea to replace the closet with the shelves :-) I really like how you've accessorized the shelves. I have the same Kelly Hoppen Home book :-)

One small suggestion -- how about switching the blue vase and the coral & books around, so that the blue vase is on the left. Then the blue vase won't be lined up with the blue ceramic drum stool. Do you see what I mean??

Your home is so beautiful :-)


Vanessa said...

Love it Susan! Totally transforms the room. I agree with Kelly's advice and your feeling about moving the top shelf (dark objects) to the middle.

Designer Decor - Designed For Living said...

It looks wonderful. I hope you had fun painting. I don't have enough patience to paint.
The shelves look wonderful. I was reading what everyone was saying and I would probably move the picture down to the middle or bottom shelf. I would also move the green vase up, as Kelly from Design Ties recommended.
Here is an idea for you. Move things around. Take pictures of them and view them all on your computer at once. you can get a sense of what looks good. Your camera doesn't lie, but sometimes the eye does.
Have a great design day!

Susan said...

Thanks for the comments on the shelf accessories. I may even try bring a couple things from the store to try out. I like having the pop of colour.

Grace said...

That turned out really well. I love it, in fact. Not sure about swapping the top and middle shelves but I think yes, because the top shelf has darker things so they look heavier.

Lianne said...

Were doing something similar in the alcoves either side our fireplace. We initially put in some book cases but it looks so.... cluttered... so were having full height storage space fitted all in white wood. The house is Victorian/WW1 era and it will look fantastic with a little more classic design rather then contemporary junk abuse ;)