Monday, August 24, 2009

The Finds...lots of Pretty Things

Our first shipment from our buying trip started coming in... We're all so excited it's just like Christmas down in the warehouse. Boxes and boxes just waiting to be opened and inside lots and lots of pretty things. Here's look at some of the items we've unpacked so far and set out in the store. It's still summer here so we made sure to have some great decor and table top designs for your home and/or your cottage.

This beautiful pale blue tray is simply stunning as an accent piece.

These are a new item from our supplier. Measuring up has never looked so good. These colourful ceramic measuring spoons are just so pretty yet functional. From a pinch to a dash to a tablespoon. What a perfect gift for the baker!
And cute little ceramic measuring cups too!

We brought in the last supply of our pale blue ceramic fish dishes. I can't believe they are being discontinued. Hurry by while supplies last, everybody loves these.
Another new item is this style of fish dish. Perfect for a cottage or seaside inspired bathroom, kitchen sink area or serving dish.
Yes even glass bird vases with or without the flower they look great. We actually merchandised them in the store with tiny sprigs of faux grass.
Our little butter dishes always a good seller. We can never keep these little charms in stock.

Need some extra hooks? These are the perfect size for a robe, towel, coat, dog leash, etc...

Lovely silver toned conch shells.

Glass tealight holders, only $5.00.

Creamy white faux coral. This is just one of several new styles of seashell inspired decor. Oh how we loved to shop... Thanks to Anita, Ashley and Jen the store is looking pretty fantastic.
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anchors Away

We've been to Toronto and now we're back ... we had a fantastic trip. We spent the first 4 days at The CGTA show and the last 3 days at leisure in downtown Toronto. We bought lots and lots of beautiful things for the store and a few things for ourselves. I cannot wait for the merchandise to start arriving. It was a great show and a great week.

The day before I left for Toronto I had to go in to my office very early (for me), grab some files and head to a clients house an hour from town. Driving by the harbour on the way to the shop I saw this "little gem" anchored in Summerside harbour.

Since my shop overlooks the harbour, as soon as I parked my car I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of it. WOW. What a yacht! I was hoping to get this post done before we left or during our week but ran out of time.

Today I am inspired to post on yacht interiors. After a little research I found out this boat is one of the largest pleasure boats in the world. It is called "The Laurel" and is an amazing 240 feet long. Now that is big! I wonder what the inside could look like?

The Laurel in Summerside Harbour Friday August 7, 7:30am.

I zoomed in for this shot.

The yacht sails all over the world, these shots are from Vancouver and Bar Harbour. I found them on the internet. It seems this boat gets its fair share of press and speculation wherever she sails.

Let's have a look at some interior shots of various pleasure boats from around the world.

Now this is Glam!

Not so big but very inviting. I could live with this.

Dinner al fresco... sure why not?
Please note - this is not a commercial cruise ship. Are we drooling yet?

There's just something about seeing a woman at the helm.
This is my favorite. Light and airy.

Our lovely PEI summertime weather continues this week. It's a hot and sunny humid week and a sail sure sounds good.
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Project Complete... A House Tour

As promised, for todays post I am taking you on a house tour of our latest project. We wrapped up this project on Friday.

The house itself is a 4 bedroom 2 story house situated in a park like setting here in Summerside. When we first visited the house the previous owners were still in residence and at that time we took our initial pictures and dimensions for all the rooms.
Our clients, who were an absolute pleasure to work with, supplied us with magazine pictures of rooms they liked. From there we developed a look which we felt would give them a sophisticated comfortable living space to enjoy with their family and friends. I've had pretty positive feedback from them... they love it!
This is the homes livingroom, it's located just to the left after you enter the front door.

Our colour scheme for the main floor of the house is mainly neutrals mixed with pale blues, creams, white, green and hits of dramatic red.

Let's look at the completed familyroom...

The family room. I absolutely love this area rug! It was the perfect choice to set off the patterns and colours on the main furniture especially good with the chairs. We got really lucky when we found this gem.

Next up the diningroom...

I wish the pictures came out clearer when I uploaded them. The colours seem very washed out unfortunately. The drapes are beautiful silk panels and there is no way this image does them justice. They are shimmering shades of pale cream, green and pale blue with a lovely red stripe.

On to the breakfast nook...

The kitchen ...

Initially the homeowners wanted to redo the kitchen entirely. But decided since the layout was perfect to give the room a facelift instead with new painted cabinets, hardware, lighting, and granite countertops.

On to the guestrooms...

The twin guest room. I love this great little room. We chose to wallpaper the headboard wall in a very pretty leafy print. Originally I chose this paper for another project but that client changed their mind which worked out for us to use this favorite paper on this project.

The queen guestroom.

The window bench seating in the queen room.

The double guest room.

We accessorized this dresser very minimally. I simply adore this vase! It was hard to part with but suits the double guest rooms colour scheme perfectly.

The master suite. Our inspiration here was to give this room a boutique hotel style feel.

Suite dreams...

I have to thank Anita very much for all of her hard work helping me pull this house together, along with Ashley who assisted us with ordering all of the furnishings, helping on deliveries and manning the store while we spent hours dressing the house.
I'm off to the CGTA show in Toronto this weekend to buy more lovely things for the store, Moving Designz Home & Cottage. I can't wait to see what the show will have in store for us this year.
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!