Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anchors Away

We've been to Toronto and now we're back ... we had a fantastic trip. We spent the first 4 days at The CGTA show and the last 3 days at leisure in downtown Toronto. We bought lots and lots of beautiful things for the store and a few things for ourselves. I cannot wait for the merchandise to start arriving. It was a great show and a great week.

The day before I left for Toronto I had to go in to my office very early (for me), grab some files and head to a clients house an hour from town. Driving by the harbour on the way to the shop I saw this "little gem" anchored in Summerside harbour.

Since my shop overlooks the harbour, as soon as I parked my car I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of it. WOW. What a yacht! I was hoping to get this post done before we left or during our week but ran out of time.

Today I am inspired to post on yacht interiors. After a little research I found out this boat is one of the largest pleasure boats in the world. It is called "The Laurel" and is an amazing 240 feet long. Now that is big! I wonder what the inside could look like?

The Laurel in Summerside Harbour Friday August 7, 7:30am.

I zoomed in for this shot.

The yacht sails all over the world, these shots are from Vancouver and Bar Harbour. I found them on the internet. It seems this boat gets its fair share of press and speculation wherever she sails.

Let's have a look at some interior shots of various pleasure boats from around the world.

Now this is Glam!

Not so big but very inviting. I could live with this.

Dinner al fresco... sure why not?
Please note - this is not a commercial cruise ship. Are we drooling yet?

There's just something about seeing a woman at the helm.
This is my favorite. Light and airy.

Our lovely PEI summertime weather continues this week. It's a hot and sunny humid week and a sail sure sounds good.
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!


Donna @ dh designs said...

Wow - these are really great pictures! We have a little 22' sailboat and it just doesn't compare :).

Love your blog!

DesignTies said...

Wowsers!!! These boat interiors are better than lots of house interiors!!

Talk about living the good life, eh?? Imagine how awesome it must be to haul up your anchor and sail off into the sunset whenever and wherever you want :-)

I have to tell you that I'm TOTALLY envious that you have a view of the harbour from your shop!!

I hope you'll be posting pictures of some of your Toronto finds when they arrive :-)


DesignTies said...

Pure decadence!!
I can see myself cruising the Mediterranean in a yacht, especially if it looks like one of these. Yep!
Victoria @ DesignTies

Ideezine said...

This is fun stuff. Designing for yachts is fun and you can be very creative in limited spaces. As you see wide open space is key. Serene colors and soft touches are part of the plan. When everything comes together it's a breeze! Sailing...on land or sea great fun.