Monday, August 24, 2009

The Finds...lots of Pretty Things

Our first shipment from our buying trip started coming in... We're all so excited it's just like Christmas down in the warehouse. Boxes and boxes just waiting to be opened and inside lots and lots of pretty things. Here's look at some of the items we've unpacked so far and set out in the store. It's still summer here so we made sure to have some great decor and table top designs for your home and/or your cottage.

This beautiful pale blue tray is simply stunning as an accent piece.

These are a new item from our supplier. Measuring up has never looked so good. These colourful ceramic measuring spoons are just so pretty yet functional. From a pinch to a dash to a tablespoon. What a perfect gift for the baker!
And cute little ceramic measuring cups too!

We brought in the last supply of our pale blue ceramic fish dishes. I can't believe they are being discontinued. Hurry by while supplies last, everybody loves these.
Another new item is this style of fish dish. Perfect for a cottage or seaside inspired bathroom, kitchen sink area or serving dish.
Yes even glass bird vases with or without the flower they look great. We actually merchandised them in the store with tiny sprigs of faux grass.
Our little butter dishes always a good seller. We can never keep these little charms in stock.

Need some extra hooks? These are the perfect size for a robe, towel, coat, dog leash, etc...

Lovely silver toned conch shells.

Glass tealight holders, only $5.00.

Creamy white faux coral. This is just one of several new styles of seashell inspired decor. Oh how we loved to shop... Thanks to Anita, Ashley and Jen the store is looking pretty fantastic.
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!


Ideezine said...

These are fun things to keep in mind as gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and weddings. Great stuff!

Cristin said...

Love those butter dishes too! All great items.

Super cute blog. Need time to come back and read more.


DesignTies said...

Great finds for the store, Susan!! I'm wanting one of those cute little butter dishes AND a piece of that faux coral. Too bad your shop is all the way across the country!! :-(
Take care!
Victoria @ DesignTies

DesignTies said...

You're right, LOTS of pretty things!! I just love the silver shells and the faux coral.... so beachy and chic :-) And the pale blue tray is so unique -- it looks like crinkly paper :-)

I hope you'll be post pics of your client's pewter deck when it's all done :-)


J.Covington said...

Looks like you had a blast shopping & found some great it's inventory time!