Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Projects... Completed and in Progress

For todays post I thought I would share some images of a couple of the projects we've been working on over the summer and finishing up during these last couple of weeks.

First up a major laundry room and bathroom renovation. I posted progress pictures of this project a few weeks ago. Both of these rooms are now 100% complete and we're waiting for a few more things to finish off the house in the diningroom, livingroom and kitchen. I'll post those rooms later this month.

Thursday, Anita and I spent all day at Mary's house applying finishing touches to her laundry/powder room. Below is the original laundry/powder room. It is a small space at only 8' X 9' so we had to make every inch count. The room was in need of additional storage and updating as it is the only washroom on the main floor of her home.

View 1 before the renovation. This is the original wall of appliances with open storage.

View 2 after the renovation. Our solution was to have 2 sets of closets built to enclose this wall. A small coat closet on the left and a double laundry center closet on the right. Now all of the laundry equipment and cleaning supplies are conveniently hidden and well organized.
And behind those custom built double doors a newly organized laundry center with shelves attached to the inside of the double doors . Now there is plenty of room for organized storage of cleaning supplies. The interior shelving has storage for laundry baskets and a rail to hang dry clothing.
View 2 before the renovation. The original location of the main plumbing fixtures.
View 2 after the renovation. The new plumbing fixtures are now moved to the wall opposite the laundry closet. The scope of work involved new tile flooring, new built-ins closets, a new set of stacking appliances, installing wainscotting, new toilet, new vanity with matching storage cabinets, new faucets, new lighting and a new paint scheme.

The artwork is an original painting of the homes exterior. It's a very pretty house.

Let's look at the upstairs washroom renovation.

View 1 before the renovation. Everything was removed so we could start fresh.
View 2 after the renovation. This room has completely changed. Here we added another new marble topped vanity, new faucets, new wainscotting, new built in storage under the eave, new lighting, new wall colour, new tub with double shower heads, new shower tiles, new artwork, new towel racks, new window treatments and a shower curtain. The only last detail missing is the shelf for the top of the built in cabinets. Our carpenter will have this last element painted and installed next week.

On to another project. I was at this house yesterday with my installer to hang up the beautiful silk draperies. This room has undergone a major change as you will see.

View 1 before the new furnishings, the original livingroom. This client desired a new updated look for her livingroom.
Here is Bruce up the ladder starting to install the drapery hardware. This is the in between shot that I couldn't resist taking.
... and a couple of hours later the room was looking pretty good!
Although not completely finished the room has undergone a remarkable turn around. We're waiting for the back ordered lamps and the large piece of artwork that will be placed over the sofa. Back orders are annoying but usually worth the wait to get the perfect piece.
View 2 the diningroom before.
View 2 the diningroom after. I love the clean new look of this large open space. I particularly love the new modern diningroom light fixture. We are the exclusive dealers on PEI for this line of Canadian made lighting. In fact every piece of furniture and all of the accessories including the area rug is from Moving Designz Home & Cottage. I've been hoarding the area rug back in our warehouse for months waiting for just the perfect project and it looks WOW in this room.
Next up... I was in Western PEI late last week to review progress on another bathroom renovation.
I took the following pictures while getting lost on the way to my clients home... Getting lost wasn't so bad as I got to see some spectacular scenery. PEI is a very windy place to live but the wind does have its advantages when its energy is harnessed with these giant wind turbines.
There about 54 of these giant beasts dotting the landscape in the Cape Wolfe area.
And on the other side of the road is the fabulous picturesque PEI coastline.

When I finally found the house... here is the bathroom I am working on. Still under construction this room was once a guest bedroom. Soon it will be a luxurious master bathroom complete with a custom vanity, storage cabinets, a large jetted soaking tub and a flat screen television mounted at the foot of the tub.

Stay tuned for the completion of this room and other projects we have on the go.
Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful long weekend!


DesignTies said...

Wow!! All of the rooms are fantastic!! I can't believe the change in the laundry/bathroom. Creating a closet space for the washer & dryer was a great idea. I'm sure it was a lot of work moving the fixtures and plumbing, but the new layout is much better.

I wouldn't mind getting lost in PEI, especially with the gorgeous views of the coastline :-)

Hahah!! No, we don't watch UFC -- I just like how the word "smackdown" sounds :-)

And sure, loving purple tulips counts :-) But it's fine that you're not a purple fan overall. Wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all liked the same colours??


Donna @ dh designs said...

Beautiful work Susan! I love the laundry room makeover. I am challeneged with the same situation in my home - a combo laundry & 2nd bathroom. Your result is a stunning combination!

PEI is my favourite province in Canada and I love the images you posted of the scenery. Thanks for the reminder!

WLurrie said...

Hi -- the projects look great! Love the laundry room and bathrooms. Can't wait til we can start working on renovating our master bath later this year. Beautiful job, as always!



Ideezine said...


Great snaps it does convey the excitement of a project finished and checked off the homework list. Thanks for sharing!


Cristin said...

Great design work here! The laundry / bath is very nice! Love the storage on the doors.


Cristin said...

Just added your blog to my blogroll! It's about time too.


DesignTies said...

Beautiful work, Susan! I so enjoy dropping by to see your project updates :-) Love your style!
Victoria @ DesignTies