Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moving... Moving Designz

For today's post I am going to share my last few weeks with you and along with a look at the new Moving Designz Home & Cottage shop in downtown Charlottetown. 

The date of this picture is September 9.  Anita and I are standing in the new shop space while the ink was drying on my lease agreement.  The new space gives us an additional 1000sq ft of retail space.  As you can see we need to do alot of work and alot of planning on this bare space. 

My target date for the big move is Oct 01 so that we can be open on Oct 12.  That gave us just over a month to pull this move and redesign off.

Moving a business means a "Massive To Do List" and being super organized.

Within 3 short weeks, we (Anita, Ashley and myself) had phones, cable, internet and debit machines arranged and rearranged, movers booked, packing supplies ordered and on hand, customers notified, shipments rerouted, change of address complete, new signage and business cards ordered and delivered, new cheques ordered, A/V equipment taken down and reinstalled, lighting removed and reinstalled, construction on the new space underway, etc, etc.... believe me the list seemed endless!

Packing day and Ashley showed up in her newly revised tee shirt which we all had a good chuckle over.

The final wrap up.... my pretty shop is all packed up and ready to move.

I can't even begin to tell you how much shrink wrap was necessary but suffice to say lots to protect the furniture and accessories.

Also a necessity was lots of caffiene to keep us going. 

We emptied out the store in record time.  It only took the crew of 12 of us 3 hours to be locked and loaded and on our way.

My girls having a little fun.  Anita get a free ride on the wheeled filing cabinet.

I'm polishing off my coffee, this is the last day in this office.  Coffee makes everything better!

Wow it's empty, saying good bye to 3 and a half amazing years at the Summerside shop.

Meanwhile back at the new space, work has been progressing quickly and steadily getting ready for us to move in.

Promising space... must get rid of the yellow and erect walls for the office, warehouse and kitchette.

The walls have now been painted white and to the very left our warehouse demising walls are up and ready to be painted.

The flooring is getting laid and they are working on the electrical.

Still lots to do but the lighting is almost done... We brought our beautiful drum lights and crystal chandeliers from the Summerside shop to be used in the new store.

Moving day and our first load is in... yeah!!!  With more coming in the next moving van....

It took us 6 long days to get things unpacked, organized and redisplayed. 

After a very hectic week we have the shop set up for opening day on Tuesday, right on time.
People have been dropping by and peeking in all week... they're ready for us. Always a good sign :)

The open concept in the new space makes placing furniture a breeze.  The shop looks fantastic!!! We are all so excited to be in this new space.

The diningroom display is appropriately set up for a fall display. 

A huge thank you to my girls Anita and Ashley for all of the extra time they put in over the past few weeks.  We are a great team!

  Additional thanks to my best friend Karen, The Bradshaw Brothers- David and Jason, Dallace, Jeannine, Wendall and Ralph all their hard work on moving day.  And another thank you to Kelly Moorehead who volunteered her time to come and help us set up all week.

We're open for business and looking forward to seeing everyone :)  Stop by and say hello.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Designers Challenge 101

For todays post I have been invited to take part in a designers challenge by my fellow blogger Amanda Burge of AB Home Interiors.  Amanda leads a very similar professional life to mine, in that not only is she a designer and blogger but she also has her own home decor shop too!  Which I think is pretty cool. 

(photo from Amanda's web)

It was Amanda's idea to bring together a small group of design loving bloggers where we all post blogs on the same topic the same day.  A family friendly family room.  She invited me to participate along with 5 other very talented designers and bloggers to show you our stuff. 

Traci Zellar of Traci Zeller Designs

Kelly Berg of Arte Styling

Kelly James of Design Ties

Kathy Passarette of Creative home expressions

Amanda Burdge of

 These are all very talented creative women and I am thrilled to be part of this group!

The challenge is to design a family room on a budget of $6000.00 all included.  I'm always up for a challenge. This sounds easy enough but it can be very tough to do (more about that in my last paragraph). 

 It's always been my philosophy that everything always takes longer then expected and costs more money.  Words to live by :)  and be sure to repeat to clients!  The reality of the situation is that yes it is hard to accomplish but it can be done.  However, it's nuch easier if you use some of the furnishings or accessories that you already have and incorporate them into your new space.

For this challenge I am going to press my easy button and look at a project we completed last year that falls within the budget parameters of the challenge.  If any of you don't have an easy button on your desk I strongly urge you to go out and get one.  Staples has them for 4 dollars.  I'm telling you they work :) ... if for nothing other than a daily smile or positive affirmation or both. 

I always like to start off with a before image. 
This was the previous home owners version of the family room.   

My clients purchased the house and hired me to give this room an entirely different vibe and feel.  The room had pretty good bones to start with... including that marvelous cultured stone fireplace flanked by custom built-in cabinets.  It also had 2" white wood blinds that would be staying.  We added the drapery window treatments but for this challenge I did not include them in the pricing.  That would have put me way way over!

My clients sold most of their existing furniture from their previous residence and wanted to start fresh, completely from scratch. No Problem. They desired a relaxing calm room to chill out and entertain family and friends. 

 It's definitely a family friendly room and this entire room comes in within the alloted budget of this design challenge.  Everything in this room was sourced or supplied from Moving Designz Home & Cottage.

A close up of the 4 seater sofa, cushions and floor lamp.

The bookcase is decorated very minimalistic, just enough not too much.  My new clients hate clutter! 

Simple yet elegant cocktail table accessories.

A beautiful mirror completes the stone fireplace with the homeowners antique silver candle sticks.  And note we painted the mantle piece white.
Now for the furniture breakdown:

1 Lyric 4 seater sofa $1300.00
1 Lyric 3 seater sofa $1100.00
2 Brushed chrome dimming floor lamps $350.00
1 Espresso finished cocktail table $850.00
1 Expresso finished side table $275.00
1 Comfy leather club chair  $790.00
1 8 X 10 Cream shag area rug  $980.00


1 Cream throw blanket  $45.00
5 Assorted feather filled toss cushions $150.00
1 Glass vase $12.00
5 White pillar candles $50.00
2 Silver Starfish $13.50
2 Glass dishes $24.00
1 Green orchid plant $29.00
1 Silver round mirror $199.00

Total = $6167.50  Yes, slightly over but I think I did good... Do you?

Thank you Amanda for asking me to participate in this challenge.   Hmmmm ....    I wonder what the other bloggers will do? 
Under normal circumstances I would start fresh and do a mock up of an entirely new room design.  But these days nothing is normal for me... read on...

We are very busy preparing to move the shop, finalizing all the moving details, packing box after box, ordering new merchandise, designing the new store, and keeping up with our design projects. 

We are finishing packing all day today, Oct 01.  Yesterday was our last day open in Summerside.  The movers are coming tomorrow. Next week we will be settling in and setting up the new shop. It's all so exciting. Our Charlottetown address is 98 Fitzroy St in the new Homburg Financial Tower, main floor. 
More about our new space here: 

(Anita to the left, then Ashley and Susan on the right)

Here's my wonderful very talented team last Wednesday night as we attended the grand opening for the new building.    These girls have been working so hard over the last month checking things off our never ending "to do" list.  Thank you to both of you, I'm lucky to have you with me :)

And Thank You to our very loyal customers from all over and especially our Summerside friends.
  Please come visit us, we will miss you.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend!