Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fresh or Cozy?

For todays post I thought I would share 2 room looks we just finished setting up at Moving Designz Home & Cottage this week.

Room 1 - Cheerful and Bright.  I love the pretty combination of yellow, black, white and turquoise.

The sofa is amazing!  What I really love about it is the tufting and the solid bench style cushion.  The black and white ottoman just arrived, we've been waiting since January for this piece.  The price point is fantastic at only $330.00, it's a bargain!


We made the pretty floral accessories with simple glass bowls and forsythia stems.

This table is just off to the side of the sofa.

Room #2 - Rustic "up country".  Combining a clean lined leather sofa with a clean lined slipcovered chair and ultra chic cocktail table.

The colour scheme was inspired by these toss cushions.

Although we are not normally into metal wall hangings we couldn't resist this very fishy wall sculpture.  It was the colourful glass detail that sealed the deal and our buying decision.  

What's your favorite Room #1 FRESH or Room #2 COZY?

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend!


DesignTies said...

They're both beautiful and I love the fish metal wall sculpture, but Room #1 FRESH is my favourite. I love the zebra print cushion and the turquoise accents, and the sofa is fabulous :-)

Oh, you're lucky you aren't in Ottawa this weekend!! It's hot & humid & totally yucky. But when you do head this way, let me know :-)


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I'm definitely fresh (well when it comes to decor anyway). I love the blue and yellow together and the sofa is gorgeous.

Annie@A View On Design said...

yellow is such a perfect colour - love it!

AB HOME Interiors said...

Love the first photo! I so agree that black, white, yellow and turquoise is a fantastic combo!

qerat said...

Can we say both??

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I think they are both beautiful and I would have a hard time choosing! I will take both please! I love the tufted sofa in the first room with the black & white ottoman and the hits of yellow. I love the warm look of the brown sofa in the second room and all the fun accessories. Both rooms are amazing!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Both great spaces. I'm always into color, so the first is really my fav. I just want to know where you had that ottoman made! How fab!

Ideezine said...


I like both and could live within either one. As a designer you enjoy "both" through others. Great choices make great rooms and the ultimate goal is to find what your searching for to make a room reflect who lives there. When it all comes together it's wonderful.


DesignTies said...

Beautiful displays Susan... and of course I LOVE the tall orange vases! They look especially good with the little turquoise ceramic piece!!

this free bird said...

Oh I love them both. First I was all up in Room #1, but when I scrolled to Room #2 I got a real sense of peace....I might be more Room 2. This is a tough call Susan!


Abby said...

#2! I think it was the fish metal sculpture which sold me.

The Zhush said...

The cocktail table (love) and that blue tray are two stand out faves for me...but really everything looks amazing!!! Love that new photo of you as well (its new? right?) you look beautiful!

A Room For Everyone said...

I'll always go for cozy! Both are absolutely beautiful though..Rachaelxx

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