Friday, July 30, 2010

Seaside Summer Decorating

For todays post I am inspired by the beautiful PEI summer scenery and our island beach vibe.  

I also thought I would share some of the creative accessories and tablescape displays we've put together in the store this week.  And a sneak peek at a cottage we recently finished. 

I took some holiday time last week as the weather here has been absolutely fabulous. This is an image I took while heading to a job site in the New London area.  A beautiful summer day... with gorgeous views.... Ahhh .... NICE

A beautiful cottage entry and deck ... white trim, cedar shingles and colourful adirondack chairs.

North Shore Cottage project random pictures .... creating the mood with a beautiful table setting.  Anita and I put this together using accessories from the shop.  The table is a custom solid pine harvest table that we had made especially for this project.

The side table/console is also another custom pine piece.  And the lovely Lupins, well we picked those growing wild at the side of the road. 

A view of one of the bedrooms.  White painted furniture and wicker chairs ooze cottage charm.

Cocktail table accessories include fav mag "Style at Home" and a glass container full of shells.

Summer on PEI...
means beaches and beachcombing for shells, sea glass and driftwood. Perfect accessories for the cottage, the home or a spa bathroom.

LOVE creating displays with our selection of shells, sand, rope and coastal inspired accessories from the shop, Moving Designz Home & Cottage.  This painted wooden bowl arrangement was made by Anita last summer for one of our design projects.

We also coiled a length of rope, available at any hardware store for about .69 per foot, inside a tall glass vase and added a few tiny starfish.  My point is seaside works in homes and/or cottages for a warm summery feel.

On Tuesday,  Ashley made us delicious cappucinos ... from our wonderful espresso machine.  We all love it as do most of our clients.  And Ashley makes the best coffee ever :) 

With our caffiene highs fully cranked up we started playing with the in store displays... ( BTW Anita is on a much deserved holiday this week:)

Our first tablescape ... in the front window.

A close up view.  You have no idea how much fun it is setting up these displays.

This is one little corner of the shop.  We have starfish in 4 sizes, multi-colours and even silver.  Sand, and about every type of shell you can think of, we have in stock. 

Our second table scape.  All blues, silvers and whites.

A close up of the center piece.  Creating vignettes in glass vessels is something I love to do and now Anita and Ashley are hooked.

Our lovely fish dishes... complete the tablescape.

Tablescape three... the caffiene really does have a kick :) 

Close up... this time it was creams, navy and grey shells. 

We also made up a number of "Ready to Go" out the door arrangements.

This centerpiece sits on our sales counter, Ashley actually made this early in the summer.  It's very pretty!

Looking from the outside in... while I'm at it I must show you the shops window boxes.
I planted these myself, I usually get the greenhouses to do these for me.  However they are never as full and nice as when I take the time and do them myself.  I'm loving the pink and white!

Shot of the beach in downtown Summerside at low tide.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend!


Sharon said...

You made me want to go to the beach and look for driftwood, starfish and such:)
The tablescapes are just beautiful!

this free bird said...

This all looks so amazing and relaxing and fantastic. You have some serious skills and I kinda wanna live in your part of the country. Seems like such an even pace.

Have a great weekend Susan,

DesignTies said...

Everything is so beautiful!! The cottage, your shop, the PEI landscape.... you've got a great thing going on there!!

All three tablescapes are lovely, but I think the second is my favourite. Love the touch of glam with the silver, and the sailboat is fab!! Oh yes, I CAN imagine how much fun it is!! :-)

Have a great weekend!!


Jessica said...

Incredible inspiration! I collect sand and seashells from every beach I visit. I never thought of throwing in some rope to up the nautical vibe - love it!

Enjoy your weekend!

The Zhush said...

Your tablescapes are amazing...all winners, love the seaside touches, just lovely.

Val said...

Simply stunning!!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Wow, now you have me craving another trip to PEI - it is such an amazing province. I love everything to do with the ocean.

Your tablescapes are fab - good thing for all that caffeine. I had never thought of using rope (although I have a bit of a rope obsession as I think it looks so pretty) in a tall vase like that - coming soon to a suburban house in the Toronto area. Thanks for the inspiration.

this free bird said...

back again - we would be so bff if we lived closer together...

Ashley said...

I do make pretty good cappucinos!! :)

Ideezine said...


Summer's bliss that's what summer dreams are made of we picture it, write about it, make movies about it and we live it. It's pure joy that everyone can get use to especially by the Sea in the dog days of August. Beautiful!


Menopausal New Mom said...

I love the starfish! I've been looking all over Charlottetown for some to finish off the decor in one of my bathrooms. Looking forward to dropping by the shop and having a look.

I love design, we recently renovated a house here and I'm stilling finishing it 4 years later. It's not easy to get anything done with a 4 year old who was 6 months old when we started.

Happy Sunday to you!