Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Colourful in Toronto

Yes it's true...  I flew the coop from PEI.  Today I am posting a quick blog update from my hotel room in Toronto.   

Anita and I are back in Toronto at the August buying show for Moving Designz Home & Cottage.  We flew up Saturday night to begin the show Sunday morning.  I took this picture as we were crusing at 35,000 ft above the earth and above the clouds.

We started the show on Sunday morning with a little help from our friends at Starbucks. 

For todays post I am sharing some pictures I took with my IPhone.  Lovely displays, products and colour inspiration.  Things and colours that caught my eye.

Black and Silver toss cushion.  Bling! Love!

Red and Black Christmas wall display.

Yellow and Grey.  Embroidery is hot!

Fresh Green and White.  We ordered these throws in this green, bright yellow, red, chocolate and blue.

White.  Gorgeous decorations, laquered furniture and very pretty accessories.  Lots of texture.  OMG this display was so beautiful... beyond.

Mmmmm ... Turquoise Blue and White paired with neutrals.  Lovely seaside.... next springs stuff!

Soft Pink flowers and mirrored surfaces. 

Clear glass, white, and silver with hits of green and pink.  Fresh.

Black leather, Zebra wood and chrome.  Loving these barstools... coming to the store soon, so comfy, so chic, so us.

Cream and Rusty Brown.  We ordered more of these oversized clocks for the shop. 

A beautiful Blue, Yellow, Green and White quilt.  So perfectly cottagey.


Our preliminary collection of clutches for our girly section of the store.  I think we covered every colour here.  This was this mornings shopping adventure.  We both found our happy places at this booth.  Did I mention Cash and Carry?  Some are mine, some are Anitas and some for the store.

We brought lots and lots of shiny jewellery, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  This is a small sample our our stash.  Fun, pretty accessories :)

My last purchase of the day.  This icey delicious Orange and Raspberry Bellini topped with a red shoe toy.  We had a perfect day of shopping! 

We are moving on ... we've finished the show and are headed for a little weekend R&R in downtown Toronto.  As I have been writing this post Oprah is on TV.  Her topic today is dream jobs.  People living their dreams by following their passion in life.  I truly feel like I am lucky to be living mine.  I love every single moment of it. 

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


Lisa said...

Great Post I loved seeing all the new trend items coming this winter! I especially love those textured throws & the beautiful all white display!

Donna @ dh designs said...

Wish I was with you :) and living my dream job too.

Love your pics and all the goodies you picked up!