Monday, June 28, 2010

Cottage Field Trip

For this weeks post I'm going to share one of our smaller yet very charming projects.  A couple of lovely seaside/country inspired bedrooms.  Recently finished, we started this work last fall with some construction, painting and then had to delay the finishing touches until the cottage was reopened this spring.

I've known these clients for several years and have been working with them on updating their seaside home in phases.  My first project with them was providing a new paint scheme for the homes exterior.  That was way back in 2007.  Above is an image of the exterior which faces the water.

After the outside received some new paint we turned our attention to giving the master bedroom a fresh new look.

These images were taken last spring after we removed walls, added wainscotting, new paint and the pale blue and white furnishings.  It's a very pretty room.

Next up was this double bedroom.  This is one of the two bedrooms that we began last fall.  Our carpenter added white wainscotting to the lower walls below the eaves and textured paintable wallpaper above since these walls were in rough shape and a coat of paint wasn't going to cut it.

 I'm talking stucco plaster with oodles and oddles of cracks.  Mike had his work cut out for him but as usual he did a fantastic job.

Inspiration for the room came from this selection of bed linens from Moving Designz Home & Cottage.

I snapped off this photo a couple of weeks ago when the new carpet arrived.  The bedframes are the same however they've been painted all white to remove the brass detail.

The room is now completely freshened up in the cheerful white and yellow colour scheme.   Let's look at bedroom 2...

Bedroom 2 before any work began. 


The first step was removing all the furniture to preparation for the carpentry work and painting.

We repeated the same technique with white wainscotting and paintable wallpaper in this room since once again the walls were in rough shape.  Just in case you have the same problems with your walls the paper is a linen texture we picked up at Home Depot.  Its works like a charm to hide flaws in old plaster walls.

The headboard is ... you guessed it a white MDF 5 panel door and the wall colour is BM Smokey Green.  I love this colour with white. Actually I just love this colour!

With the new walls, wall colour, furniture, lamps, bed and bedding the room has transformed into a very charming bedroom.  All done, the last thing on my agenda Friday was getting the headboard mounted just in time for the first guests to arrive on the weekend.  I snapped off this picture very quickly, sorry for the quality.

I might also mention this house is a summer rental.  For information on renting this summer home please visit

The renters this weekend would have enjoyed a lovely PEI weekend, full of sun, a little torrential rain and more sun.  I'm late posting this week because yesterday was a great day for an ..

amazing boat ride over to and then under the Confederation Bridge.  It was a fabulous day trip.

For my readers from across the world, this massive bridge is 13km long and joins our small island province with the rest of Canada.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


this free bird said...

Susan you've done such a fabulous job with the beach home!! The rooms are so airy and peaceful. Just terrific.

If I'm ever lucky enough to make it out east I will most definitely see if we can take a look...I've got a girlfriend in the east so am passing the info onto her as well re: rental.

I love the pictures you've included through to the end. Looking forward to a trip home this summer for a little taste of Canada!

C.J. said...

Susan, great job! Serene and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

this free bird said...

Okay, Susan, as I was saying (blogger - you listening??) ahem - I love what you did with the beach house. I think each room is calm and peaceful and most definitely captures a "by the water" feel.

If I ever make it out east I will most def try to check it out. In the meantime will be mentioning the rental to a gf who lives out east.

I'm looking forward to getting back to Canada this summer for a taste of home. It's been too long and your pictures straight through to the end are wonderful. xoxo

qerat said...

One look at these bedrooms and you want to snuggle in bed with a book and feel that all is well.
As CJ said Serene

Kerri said...

As always Susan, your work looks amazing! Just beautiful, and I'm sure you're clients are thrilled - I know I would be! K xx

A Room For Everyone said...

13 km long, my goodness! How amazing it must be to travel across it. And what an incredible feat of engineering..The cottage is beautiful. I love the touch of yellow sunshine in the double bedroom. Have a lovely week Susan..Rachaelxx

Ottawa Design Network Group said...

All three bedrooms are so pretty, and the exterior of the house is beautiful. I bet the view is just as stunning :-)


The Zhush said...

Love when you post your projects...each one is so lovely and inspiring!

DesignTies said...

I just read your comment on our blog and ran to rip the plastic cover off the latest SAH -- and there you are!!! Totally cool!!!!



DesignTies said...



AB HOME Interiors said...

This is a very a calming space! The remodel looks great! Perfect for a beach house!!!

Ideezine said...


Happy is she who delights in the pleasure of making a house a home!

So lovely to see a yellow and grey home like mine. Cottage style as well. Great post.