Sunday, June 20, 2010

Island Inspiration

If you live here on PEI you would know that the past 2 days have been absolutely fantastic.  Friday and Saturday have been the best 2 day stretch of hot sunny weather we have had all spring.  And if you don't take it from me this Island is stunningly beautiful in the summertime.

 Yesterday I was out enjoying a  relaxing day at the beach and then a little sightseeing.  Time for a little R & R.  For this weeks post I'm going to share a few of the photographs of my travels from yesterday.  And an SGG update.

Although the Lady Slipper is the official flower for our province, it's the wild Lupins that steal the show this time of year.  They grow wild in the ditches along our highways and roads and smell so delicious.  I love these beautiful purple flowers :)

The rugged PEI coastline with Lupins a la plentiful.  It's just so pretty.  I'm now at the beach directly across the harbour from Summerside (my city) and this is the first amazing vista that grabs me as I walk towards the shoreline.

And here is the second... the breakwater that protects our harbour.  Pleasure boats are arriving from an annual 10 hour race across the Northumberland Strait. 

All harbours are protected by lighthouses and this is the historic Indian Head Lighthouse.  It guards our harbour and McCullums Point Beach. 

After lazing around for the afternoon it was time to go and check out the bridge view and have a peek at the SGG house.  In the background is The Confederation Bridge which links our island to the mainland.  My photographer did an amazing job of this photo. 

I had to stop into the SGG house since it was so close by the bridge.  This is what I saw upon my entrance.  A striking field of freshly furrowed landscape, no doubt potatoes grow here.  And more lovely wild lupins growing on the fringes.

The entrance is now completely tiled and the staircase is almost ready.  However, it's the cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms that has finally gone in that I want to share today.

For months and months and months this kitchen has been left bare and this is what I normally see.  Nothing but drywall and the basic shape.  The cabinets have been the last item on the building agenda for this project.

Two weeks ago the kitchen, the heart of every home, was being whipped into shape.  Finally, the cabinets, lighting, appliances are in and I'm getting happier :) by the minute. 

I had to include this photo from 2 weeks ago.  In the final building stages everything is everywhere and in this case the fridge and freezer and many of the cabinet drawers were temporarily sitting in the great room waiting to be installed.

I just have to say and I'm just sayin'... this kitchen is an absolute chefs dream.  A 52" stove, dual fridges, 7 foot island, tons of storage and a fabulous spacious layout.

The island has a light maple butcher block top currently protected with a layer of cardboard.

Okay, okay so it's still not quite done but for me at this point with a week left to go I know we are getting close.  I can hardly wait for the quartz countertops and glass tile backsplash to be installed next week.  I know they'll look fantastic. 

How about a peek at the master bathroom?  It's not quite there either but... again we're very close.

The master bath layout: soaking tub front and center, shower to the right of the tub and a double vanity to be installed the right.


Yawn.... a little futher along and the tile guys will soon be here to start work on the floor and shower.

This day the tile was starting to be placed in the shower.  And since there is a sufficient amount of pattern about to take place on the floor and around the vanity and tub, the tiles for the shower are being installed in the simple clean stacking pattern.

Before the tiles can be laid on the floor the infloor heating strips are installed.

Verifying the pattern for the floor tiles.  Yes, this looks just right.

Fast forward and the shower is done minus the glass, the vanity is in and the flooring is Amazing!

Close up of the marble flooring and my work boots.  Shiny silver peep toes complement the shiny marble floor, the rubber boots are now history.

The marble countertop is now in place on the double vanity along with my coffee cup... an absolute necessity accessory for early mornings.  Next question how many rows of mosaic tiles for the backsplash?

A row of three seems pefect.

The marble tub decking and backsplash are also installed and look wonderful.  I'm wondering about the chandelier now, hmmm where is that?

Aha, I found it, for some unknown reason the electrician ignored the writing on the box and decided it would look better in the sunroom... I think not :)  I think he should hang this gem over the tub where it was intended, don't you?

When we started this project the completion date was early July and we're right on track.  I will post with all the after pictures of this amazing home in a couple of weeks once we're complete and the furniture is in place.  If you are expecting slipcovered sofas and lovely coastal decor you will not be disappointed.

BTW, Kelly and Regis are filming their daytime talk show here for 4 days in July.  This is a coup for our beautiful province.  They staged their show only once before in Canada at Niagra Falls and now are coming to our Island.  How exciting is that? 

I've been there too, only wish it would have been warmer.  One Grafton is now done and I will be posting on that project soon, along with a few of our of lovely cottage home projects.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


A Room For Everyone said...

A great achievement being right on track! Not a common thing in the building world..The kitchen looks so big and open and don't the stairs look wonderful from that angle? Thanks for the little tour around PEI too..Rachaelxx

Edward the 3rd - Live Entertainment said...

This place is really coming along !!! I love the kitchen, and the tile pattern in the bathroom... nice work, Susan ;)

qerat said...

Looks like this project is going to look beautiful. I can already see the beauty.

this free bird said...

Susan. I love all the pictures - the ones of the lupins and all the amazing views make me so homesick for Canada...even though I'm from the other side.

And p.s. - that kitchen is looking amazing. I can't wait to see the final showing. It's come leaps and bounds in the pictures you shared and you can just SEE the promise that is there. woo hoo!!

Kerri said...

As always, your designs are absolutely breathtaking! It looks fantastic, and what a lucky homeowner to have you on the job. That kitchen is to.die.for. So looking forward to seeing it all finished. K xx

Maria Killam said...

Your kitchen designs are amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us!

The Zhush said...

That foyer looks incredible, can not wait to see this all finished. As someone who recently came off a major renovation project of my own home, I feel your pain as to the light fixture...and yes, of course over the tub! I love these posts...the time and effort is really appreciated.

DesignTies said...

OMG, you must be bursting with excitement to have not one but TWO amazing projects completed/close to completion!!! I CANNOT WAIT to see more!!!!

I took lots of pictures of the lupins along the shore when we were in PEI for our honeymoon in 2001 :-) They're so beautiful :-)


this free bird said...

hooray hooray hooray to girls in white denim!!

AB HOME Interiors said...

oh wow susan! If i lived near the coast and had scenery like that, Id never work, or go home! Love that kitchen, it's fresh and coastal, very chic!

Donna @ dh designs said...

Thanks for the great pictures of the scenery Susan. Reminds me that I need to visit my favourite province very soon :)

The SGG home looks AMAZING! Great job! Thanks for the update.