Friday, July 25, 2008

Beautiful Baths

For this weeks post I've decided to post images of absolutely fabulous bathrooms. Second behind kitchens in the cost of building and/or renovations bathrooms require plenty of thought and planning. Next week I am starting a renovation project on an existing bathroom which we are going to rip out, enlarge (by stealing hall closet space), and completely refit with all new everything!

If you are in the process of rethinking your bathroom, building a new home or entering a renovation I'm hoping you will find these images inspiring.

Tips for a great bathroom:

Clear the clutter and keep the decor simple for an elegant, luxurious feel.
Use a soft neutral palette. Except in powder rooms, that is the one room where you can add drama with bold colour or graphic wallpaper.
Don't scrimp, spend your money on good fittings and fixtures.
Let your small bathrooms live large with upgraded surface materials.
Keep accessories to a minimum.
Install great lighting fixtures.

My inspiration for todays post is the picture below. While it's not a bathroom I imagine it leads to an amazing spa experience just around the corner. Afterall the biggest trend in bathrooms these days is bringing home a luxurious spa experience.

Who wouldn't want to walk down this stunning hallway and around the corner?

Lets start with white bathrooms and a very Hamptons beach house look. This bathroom combines vintage style with up to date fittings and fixtures. The hexagon tile, the beadboard, the chrome fittings and that amazing clawfoot tub.

Another great looking white bathroom with a classic vanity and upscale feel. To get this soothing look keep the metals white and the surface materials neutral pale colours.

Modern, clean and very white.

I love that beveled mirror and the tub surround, very classy.

A very pretty vingette, nice photography.

I thought this was a great idea for containing pretty items near the shower.

Very pretty, very spa like.

Here's some dark cabinetry combined with modern bar style pulls, and chrome faucets. It reminds me of the vanity and bathroom I designed for the store.

You can tell this bathroom isn't very big on space but it definitely has the wow factor.

Sarah Richardson designed this one above. I love the wood grain and the aqua accent pieces.

Here we have one with a mid tone wood vanity, mirror and tub surround.

A handy little stool perfect for holding towels.

I could imagine this style of bathroom in a century home.

Soaker tubs are hot in bathrooms and this one has been outfitted quite nicely with lots of natural elements. Very earthy.

A bathroom leading to the terrace... looks like a great place to soak on a sunny afternoon. I love the various elements of texture in this room in contrast with the dark furnishings.

A.S. - This is one for you to think about! Send me your comment if you love it...

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


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