Friday, July 18, 2008

Honey... I'm Home

And now for something completely different. Today I am inspired to post images of staircases. Why? This amazing image below caught my attention several months ago so I saved it to my picture files for a future post and hey here we are today. Looking at this image all I can think of is... it must be some house! The planning that went into this stunning piece of architecture had to be meticulously thought out.

Since I've started with a spiral staircase, let's look at a few more.

I don't know about you but something is saying (screaming) Hollywood Hills Italian Villa when I look at this one. I'm thinking this could be Gene Simmons home from his reality tv show.

The railings, the landing and the windows, pretty amazing architecture... fantastic. I wonder what the view is like? Actually I wonder what the second floor rooms are like. I'll imagine a master bathroom full of marble...

For those short on space with tradtional homes this iron spiral staircase would fit the bill. Not my style but for some it works.

For contemporary spaces here's a modern adaptation of the spiral staircase.

This staircase is just about finished from one of my design projects. The treads still need painting, they'll be deep ebony to match the handrail. And lastly we'll be running a sisal rug down the middle. It's a stunning home rich in details.

Speaking of dark stairtreads and rails. It's a good look. Classic.

Those of you following Sarah Richardson will surely recognize this vignette from her show Sarah's House. Again classic, classic, classic. The kids better leave their muddy boots at the back door. A white bench at the front door scares me but man it looks good!

Another version a completely different look. I love how spacious this entry is with all that room and a nice round welcome table. A cross between the "Something's Got to Give" house with a dash of Pottery Barn.

Sometimes stairs must be placed between 2 walls. These open floating treads let the light flow and extend the view to the back of the home. I also really like the lights at tread level. In fact, they are needed. I've had electricians do this in several projects. It's a great effect that's very functional.

Another closed stairway. Seeing the same lights again and some bonus storage. Cool idea.

If you haven't guessed by now I am a huge fan of white. This staircase is simply stunning in white, glass and white metals. I love it!

This is pretty darn cool too. Industrial loft style.

And lastly another comtemporary loft style staircase this time with closed risers.
Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

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Stacy McKenna said...

Hi Susan
Hard to believe it has been over a year. Wish I could find a shop like it here in Ottawa.