Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nesting Instinct

Happy Easter everyone! Chocolate, Bunnies and Little Fuzzy Chicks to all.

Today, I am inspired to write about birds after all it's the first official day of spring and the start of the Easter holiday weekend. I am seeing plenty of birds used in decorating and accessories this year. From romantic, to funky, to whimsical, to contemporary to pretty, birds are on the scene. I'm covering all things bird in todays blog post.

Not an uncommon sight for home owners. Spring starts with the nests found in our yards, trees and even in light fixtures.

This image is from Design Inc website. In fact, it's Sarah's Richardson's pretty nursery chair. I just love it, so fresh, so pretty, so very very Sarah.

A close of up the fabric on the chair. Notice the pretty humming birds.

I found these bird prints on Ballard Designs website the other day. They are prints by Katie McRostie.

These are the same prints framed slightly different, same artist on display at our store at half the price of Ballard Designs.

I know I featured this mirror in my last blog post but I didn't point out the little birds sitting on the branches. At the moment, I'm working on a summer home along the river in Stanley Bridge, PEI and I think this mirror will be hanging on their wall very soon.

Out of one of our suppliers catalogs I noted this interesting coat/hat rack.

Bird sculptures by Eileen Gatt. Little birds sitting gracefully on the backs of the polar bear. I love these sculptures. I saw them online while doing some browsing.

More bird sculptures, this time perched on stone. These are very contemporary little pieces.

This is one of our instore displays featuring pretty little ceramic birds. They come in a pretty pale blue and celedon green. We completed the display with a beautiful piece of artwork featuring cherry blossoms, a beautiful porcelain lamp and pretty vases.

A close up of the little tweeties.

Coming very soon to the store are these pastel little birdies.

Here's another one of our framed birds prints and right beside my big fat cute bird.

I saw this beautiful table arrangement on the Rachel Ray website. I love the branches spray painted red. Fantastic.

Pottery Barn is also into birds. This very pretty quilt is called the songbird set. Very nice, love the colour.

A display from our store with bird motif little cream and green felt bags, we also have them in robins egg blue. We've filled them with McBlooms foot soaks foot creams and call them the BFF spring perk me up bags. Only $23.00! With summer coming everyone could use a little pedi...

I found these 2 bags shown above and below on the Etsy site. Again it's all about the birds. If you haven't been to the Etsy, take a look, it's very cool and inspiring.

This cute little make-up bag is one we saw at the gift show, continuing on the bird theme.

I saw this little cartoon and seeing as it's Easter I couldn't resist the humor in turkey dinner.

I'm seeing chandeliers festooned with birds perched on branches. We didn't buy into this trend but it is pretty.

Also found on the internet this amazing chandelier is from a German designer Ingo Maurer entitled birds, birds, birds.
Note paper with birds silouttes. How pretty!

This is a very cool piece of artwork. Birds in the long grass. Love the colours, very modern.

Even bird vases for flowers. Now I've seen almost everything!

I like this piece of artwork. It's actually a very cheery poster. I like it!

Birds in wall decals. Kind of cool too!

And almost last but not least this is actually a bird costume :) Who knew?

How about this perfectly chic black and white umbrella. Yes, I do like this and we carry it in the store. It's called the Hitchcock Umbrella.
Well, that about covers my posting on some of the pretty things I've seen featuring our lovely feathered friends. Bye Bye Birdie! For those of you who read from afar our first day of Spring consisted of freezing rain, pouring rain and ice pellets, in no particular order, but generally all day long with no breaks. Not a good hair day.
Have a great weekend, thanks for reading.

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