Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pretty Spring Finds at Moving Designz...

Moving Designz Home & Cottage. Treat yourself to a beautiful home, with our lovely Spring finds.

For this weeks blog I decided to take some shots of our pretty instore displays. We've been busy for the past few weeks rearranging things for a fresh spring look. 'Cause sooner or later spring is bound to arrive. Hopefully sooner as this winter has been dragging on and on. We are so ready for spring and summer. In this picture (above) is our black and white corner with hits of pretty pink. We have some stunning vases and containers with a pretty black floral motif on them. Nice black felt bags with a damask print perfect as shoe bags, gift bags or little tote bags. They look very chic and pretty with demin outfits.

We've brought in lots and lots of seashells. This is a good example of how to do a nice looking and very simple arrangement using lady finger starfish, seashells, glass and pretty ceramics. We have another shipment due in March of lady finger starfish dyed in soft pretty shades of pink, blue, yellow and lilac. Also coming with that shipment is tree coral branches, which are really hip these days, and tiny little starfish. Note the tiny little blue ceramic birds, they've been flying off the shelves, parden the pun :)

We did this tablescape featuring bright yellows and robin egg blues. A couple this years hottest colour combinations. So fresh, so very pretty!

This display features our very popular fishplates a few of our silver starfish for that hit of bling. Also available silver sea urchins and little silver 3D starfish.

I love the pretty damask patterned teacup sets. They have a real vintage yet modern feel. I brought a set home and they are really nice to drink out of. We also have a really good assortment of placemats and some pretty coastal inspired dishes. It's a little hard to make out but the stack of little dishes have a starfish embossed in them. Perfect for little serving dishes or in the bathroom to hold soap. I also think they would make a great little dish to hold earrings or jewellery.

I love these frosted vases. They look very pretty with a votive candle or tealight burning inside. The branchy motif is very popular this season.

Above is our chocolate and pink table. Featuring Wildly Delicious Chocolate Sauces and Fondue Sets. The perfect hostess gift to bring to dinner. The pretty pink magnolia stems are brand new in the store.

More of our pretty fish inspired serving dishes. Aren't they adorable?

This is a sample of our new McBlooms Body Care display in pretty blue gift bags. These creams and candles smell heavenly, not too strong just perfect. The little green box with the white polka dots are filled with long candle matches.

Sheri put this display together on Friday. We have lots of seaside inspired accessories and artwork. The cream candle on the glass pillar stand is wrapped in strands of tiny little seashells. I think they are way too pretty to light, best just to put on display.

More of our line of green, blue and cream serving dishes with little shell balls tucked inside. I wish this picture was a little larger so you could get a good look at the white resin art plaques. These 3D beauties feature an image of a peony. One of my favorite flowers. I have 2 great peony shrubs in my yard, one is white and the other is hot pink. I love cutting them and bringing them into the house, this year I can bring them into the store for everyone to enjoy.

We have a good selection of these lovely glass cannisters. These are perfect for accessorizing your bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms. You can't flip through a design magazine these days without seeing them on the pages. Functional, pretty and inexpensive.

Here we are the shopgirls of Moving Designz. Me (in the back), Sheri (in front of me) and Stacy(to my right).

Thanks for reading, number of times I used pretty 13 :)

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