Sunday, February 3, 2008

Living a Colourful Life

So, it's been a few days since I've been back from the big city and our buying adventure at The CGTA show. Well, what a trip! I'm totally excited with all the wonderful things we saw. This show was one of the best I have been to in the last couple of years.

I bought a lot of stuff and gals, that was just at the mall. No I'm kidding, no really I am not. I had to take some time to buy not only great stuff for the store but some nice things for yours truly. Nothing like going to the mall in the big city... I highly recommend Sherway Gardens when you're staying in a location near Pearson Airport, like we were. It's well worth the $20 cab fare.

Back to the show... The emergence of colourful accessories in home furnishings is all the rage. The green movement is in full force with lots of pretty natural greens and enviromentally friendly products. Yellows, blues and reds are also very hot, hot, hot. And brown is still going strong as the new black. We saw quite a few bright orange accessories, as well, but I find bright orange a little hard to do in most spaces so I passed on that. However, I did find that I really liked the newest take on orange, which is a very pretty coral colour, expect to see it at Moving Designz.

We also have decided to upgrade our girlie department and we're bringing on the glam after the success we had with the pretty girlie accessories we brought in at Christmastime. Afterall who doesn't like pretty things?

This means delectable lip balms, hand and body creams, soaps and the most amazing smelling candles. We picked up a line called McBlooms, check out their website at The scent is amazing, pure and fresh, not too purfumey (is that a word?). And the coolest thing is the packaging, done in Moving Designz in-store colours. Think Lemongrass and Ocean Air. We love it!

All us gals need jewelry, right? 'Cause look out we are bringing in the bling! Lovely, lovely jewelry. We just couldn't resist and I am so excited at these finds. Cool, sparkly necklaces with pendants to complete your outfits. We also ordered stunning wide 1" bangle bracelets made from mother of pearl in hints of pink, blue, yellow, cream and white. If these go well and I fully expect they will we'll be going full on with more.

Oh and not to be forgotten, we also picked up the coolest caps around. Tired of wearing ordinary ballcaps? So were we... so we are bringing in the best alternative we could find. Our ballcap/hats are going to blow you away. Moving Designz caps are hip and chic and will hide all those bad hair days with style and glam.

I know what you all are thinking, did you get the goods for our houses? Yes, we did. Beautiful duvet cover sets, luxurious hotel chic bedding, and cozy coverlets. Colour, colour, colour! Solid wood occasional pieces, coastal inspired accessories, colourful glassware, candles, side tables, vases, artwork, mirrors, plates, orbs, and all sorts of wonderful finds. I actually shopped 'til I dropped and then some. It's crazy when you forget all the things you bought but at the end of everyday I knew WE DID GOOD.

Most of this spring collection will be arriving on a weekly basis. We've already been busy rearranging the store to accomodate all the new stuff.

For you who follow the weather here on PEI and read my rantings on the weather, I missed the ice storm. While away, at my home, there was no power for 2 and a half days. We lost quite a few tree branches but all in all we were lucky to come out relatively unscathed. I was so glad to be all cozied up in my Toronto hotel room. And the thought of coming home to no electricity isn't exactly appealing. On the flight home I sat with a Canadian celebrity/icon of daytime television which turned out to be pretty interesting. He to lives here and travels to work each week so all in all it must be a pretty great place to live despite our winter weather. And he's a weatherman!

Thanks for reading. It's still snowing.

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