Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rooms that make me go hmmm...

I finally figured out the art of adding images to my blog. And it wasn't that hard I was just doing it the wrong way. I'll call it a blonde moment. Add pictures first, then add text, presto to a colourful blog. So from here on in I hope you will find my blog post much more interesting. I love looking at images of beautiful rooms. Today's posting is all about the bedroom, afterall we spend a great part of our lives sleeping and why not do it in style? I feel bedrooms should be private sanctuaries and these are some of the best designs I've seen.

These are rooms I just love and are easily achievable. And for me the best part of it is all of these rooms contain product, furniture and accessories that we carry or can order at Moving Designz.

Room 1. I'm calling this one upholstered chic. At the store our bedroom vignette is almost exactly like this room. If you like this room stop in for the button tufted headboard which we carry and can have custom made for you in numerous beautiful fabric choices. The glass side table and the crystal table lamp are very similar to products we carry. The lamp has proven to be a best seller for us, it's simple and beautiful.

Room 2. Doesn't this room invoke feelings of a coastal hideway bedroom? I love it. Note how simple the mantle arrangement is. This image has me wondering what is outside the french doors. I'll assume it's a beautiful deck and a stunning view to the sea.

Room 3. Another great example of light and airy done to perfection. It's the simplicity of the room that really gets me here. The all white palette is hot hot hot and a definite design do. Add some hits of colour on the bedding and voila, simple chic. Having the all white background makes this room the perfect backdrop to any number of your favorite colour combinations that you may choose to change from season to season. I could envision changing out the quilt for a faux fur throw and changing the bolster to a sumptious velvet for a cosy, warm winter feel. The chandelier here is simply amazing. We have a new line of light fixtures and if you like this one, talk to us about ordering a similar one for you.

Room 4. For those of you who love neutral this is builders beige done right. The wall colour could be Benjamin Moore Monterey Tan or Butter Cream. The contrast of the dark wood tones and the frames on the artwork really make this room feel indulgent and rich. Again we see that the bedding is kept light and the colour is added with the use of throw pillows and tailored bedshams.

Room 5. Talk about focal point. Don't you just love the mirror over the bed. I ordered several of these from The Gift Show, they should be arriving later in the month. Aged gold is a really hot finish right now. As is the circular starburst motif. The pale walls, bedding and then the richness of the bed frame are all in stark contract with the walls. Over and over again we see pale bedding contrasted with pretty throw pillows.

Room 6. In this room we are seeing the poster bed again which is another hot look. The quilted bedding is another product we carry if this look is something you like. We also have the exact same table lamp which comes in 2 finishes, silver or oil brushed bronze. I like the way they placed the artwork over the headboard. Visually your artwork should take up about 2/3 of the space and be hung 5-6" above the headboard to create balance and symetry.

Bedroom 7. Another upholstered headboard, this time with nail head stud detail. If you have a room with your bed placed between 2 windows this is how to make it work. I like the hotel chic bedding with the simple embroidered edges. We carry this bedding at the store in 7 different colours. I like how they've added so many rich layers and detail to this room. The balance is perfect.

I hope you've enjoyed and have been inspired with these beautiful room images. What I like the best of all, is that these rooms are decorated in a classic style. None of these rooms are trendy which means these looks will last for years. In the market new bedroom, view our suppliers website

So after looking at all of these beautiful rooms I have to ask the question, which is your favorite and why?


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