Friday, March 2, 2012

Where pretty stuff comes from

For todays post I am inspired to post on all the new arrivals at Moving Designz Home & Cottage. 

 Myself and Anita recently attended our spring buying show in January.  The goods are coming in on a daily basis.  It's very exciting as you tend to forget what you have bought and then cross your fingers that your orders will be filled.  It takes major planning to bring a store together and alot of hard work to lay out a new merchandising plan but we love every minute of it.
  Pretty colourful things always inspire us.... spring is on the way!

When new merchandise arrives it is like Christmas except there are no pretty boxes or decorative ribbons to unwrap.  This is a typical shot of one corner of the storeroom.  Plain brown cardboard boxes and boxes and more boxes just waiting to be opened, unpacked, checked off the shipping list, priced and then displayed.

The best part of this task (and there is alot of work and time involved) is being pleasantly surprised at what comes out of the boxes.  Typically theres alot of ohhhh look, "how pretty" "oh love it" "come see" going on.  The worst part is shipping damages which inevidentably occur.  Not only does it mean you're not going to get what you paid for but you have already paid freight and... it means more paperwork.  Luckily so far we have only had minimal issues.

As it turned out our first shipment included items for our personal accessory section aka the "girlie section".  Scarves and pashimas in springs prettiest colours and patterns.  Polka dot heaven :)

Bling-a-licious. Expandable bracelets to add sparkle to any outfit.  A steal at
only $5.99, a great BFF or gift to self gift! 
And this just in as I look more carefully at the price card ... Anita's internal spell check is broken again - see wrong spelling above.  Note to self:  correct tomorrow, have chuckle :)

Next up, these pretty hand towels embroidered in fresh spring colours.  

This year we decided to bring in these brightly coloured indoor/ourdoor designer graphic fabrics to purchase by the yardage.  What can you do with a yard of fabric?  If you sew yourself or want custom made, think table runners, placemats, napkins, or toss cushions in the colour and pattern of your choice. 

Speaking of toss cushions...

The colour of the year is tangerine according to Pantones colour experts.  I couldn't resist it either, I've always loved orange.  I also think coral is a big trend.  See artwork, whiteware  and coral motif on fabric in image.  Pun intended.

More coral motifs.  Is navy the new black?  Perhaps...
In my world I still absolutely love the classic combination of navy and yellow.  Cushion covers $28.99 and feather down inserts $17.50.

I recently received my copy of this months Canadian House and Home Magazine... hmmm this picture looks vaguely familiar.

Moving Designz shop version.  Spring 2012 room vignette.
It actually makes me feel pretty good when we've already put together a look and then open a magazine and see we're right on trend, with subtle changes.  It's funny how design works sometimes.  However, I don't feel there is anything old about this look. 

Still very much in love with white.  We have lots of lovely white accessories and whiteware to mix up with colourful accents.

Soft chenille throws to add accent colour.

Our shop display window.  A lovely white laquered console table, pretty turquoise gourd shaped ceramic accent lamps paired with orange and silver polar bear figurines.  Love it all! 

We're still very much in love with turquoise.  We hope you are too
... and birds.  We love birds!

A lovely little flock of mercury glass robins.  We have them in blue, sea green and gold.

 "Song Birds"

Liking the whimsy of silver owls.  What a hoot!

The bedding section.  Pairing lots of colour together.  Why not dress you bed with lots of colour, texture and pattern?

Frames for those special memories and moments in soft colours.  White, blue and yellow
laquered frames to fit 4 X 4 and 4 X 6 photos.

For our customers who want a more muted up-country look this sofa with it's classic lines is currently on sale.  In this vignette old is the new "new" with this contemporary rustic cocktail table.  Solid wood top on a distressed iron base.

On the other side of this room vignette we paired up a classic armchair with a colourful embroidered toss cushion. 

Close up of this gorgeous toss cushion.  Orange, green, yellow, cream, purple and teal blue.  It's a great accent cushion.

Since I showed a close up of the pillow I thought it appropriate to show the ceramic inspirational spheres.  The wording on them carries lovely messages "smile" "cherish" "give"

We're close to the end of unpacking, just a few more things to share.

A new fabic book from Kravet.

Orange and silver cubes.    

Cream ceramic flower power platters.

A couple of artwork canvases still to open.

And inside the wrapping this very pretty extra large picture.  Window box with fuschia pink petunias.
Since there are two I think one must come home with me :)

At the end of the week, the leftovers.  This is a small portion of the empty and broken down cardboard boxes waiting for pick up and recycling.

This is my first post of 2012.  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the shop. 

Over the past 12 months I've been super busy getting the shop established running here in Charlottetown after moving from Summerside.  I have found writing and posting to the blog hard to find the time for on top of everything else.  I love writing and sharing and will be posting much more often. 

Besides running the shop I had many projects on the go over the past year.  I've been taking pictures and have lots of inspiration to share.  Recently we relaunched the Moving Designz website.

I have been posting more regularly to our facebook site you can visit and like us at our facebook site
Moving Designz Home and Cottage

I've love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!

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