Monday, March 12, 2012

A Quick Makeover

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a client who brought back the most amazing wood furniture from her travels living in Indonesia.  After moving back to Canada and into a new house she wanted some help with her guest bedroom which was located in the basement.  We completed the project last week.

The room was sitting empty except for this beautiful king size four poster bed and the accompanying furniture which is all baliese in style. 
Her request was simply to make this a room that my guests will love to sleep in.
"I would really like them to feel like they are in a luxurious hotel suite".

For a little inspiration I looked to this luxury hotel in Bali.  The resort is The Matahari Beach Resort and Spa.  The hotel rate starts at $312 USD for a garden suite, breakfast not included.

As a jumping off point for the colour scheme I choose to work with the green tones in her area rug at the foot of the bed.   The rug is a gorgeous silk and worthy of inspiration.  Primarily a deep forest green I chose to go with it and use softer tones of green  Afterall forest green is so yesterday... way yesterday.  Except for green gemstones, they are always in style.
 And the kitty cat is a lovely snowfooted siamese, adorable.

Design Challenge 1.  A single window with a view of a basement water well catcher aka No View.  And then I noted an electric heat radiator below the window.  This meant no floor length draperies due to the fire hazard risk. 
If I can not do drapes to floor length I do not do them.  Period.  No exceptions.

I decided that a hobbled style roman shade would work as a window treatment.  This would add texture, colour and hide the view.
  And then I thought... what if I had two of them made for either side of the bed faking a second window and creating symmetry. I had to double check the spelling of symmetry and while I was at it thought I would share the definition;
Symmetry; balanced proportions; also: beauty of form arising from balanced proportions

Design Challenge 2. Situated in the basement I had to make this room feel chic and cozy.

The finished room. 
A beautiful sheer treatment on the head of the bed, over the bed and then draping softly to the sides adds softness and a feeling of luxury.  As you can see with the window treatments mirroring each other on both sides of the bed we tricked the eye into thinking there are 2 windows.  This is something you can do if faced with a similar situation.

We topped the bed with a cream duvet cover set, added new side lamps and a coordinated toss cushion.

I hope her guests enjoy staying in this new bedroom suite.  On my personal bucket list a 3 week or more vacay to Bali.  I am inspired.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week.


Menopausal New Mom said...

So pretty! I love the look of the window on each side of the bed to add balance, very clever. I find living in an older home offers plenty of design challenges, especially when we had to renovate within the existing structure while answering to the Historic Society. I have two windows I wish I could have boarded up, one to create more storage in the kitchen and the other to offer balance to the family room.

Jessica said...

You created the perfect oasis to relax in! It really does resemble the inspiration picture. Wonderful job!

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