Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas at Moving Designz

It's hard to believe that December is here already.  This year has flown by so quickly.  My Christmas planning started in early November when I was a guest speaker for a design series in Charlottetown. 

Sneak peek at Moving Designz at Confederation Library
early November  

It has occured to me (and so has guilt) that I should have blogged long before now.  Within the last week 3 people have asked me to start blogging again.  Thank you Jen, Melva and Bev for the reminder and encouragement.

And sooooo....
For todays post I'm going to share a look inside Moving Designz Home & Cottage.  We've been busy for weeks and months buying, planning and getting ready to deck out the store with yummy Christmas merhandise and inspiring store displays.

Welcome Christmas 2011 - The shop display window today.  

We haven't taken on one theme, we've taken on several... from pinks, to blues, to white, to cream, to reds and greens and let's not forget purple.  The shop is packed with punch and texture and very very pretty things this year.

Always loving bling... 
Silver Starfish, white birds nest with silver eggs and pink glass hearts = LOVE!

Pretty candles displays and scented candles to bring Energy, Serenity and Relaxation.

This is our newest sofa the Mika, with tufted foam backs and brushed chrome legs.  We've been waiting for this baby for a month hoping it would make it for Christmas.  Paired up with apple green side chairs and graphic pillows and artwork.  Charcoal grey, green, blue and white, what's not to love?

We've got lots of colourful glassware, vases and balls in shades of blue and purple.

Do you have summer lanterns?  We had a few left from the summer so we filled them up with Christmas balls for a festive look.  You can too!

These candle holders were simply magnificent and sold out almost immediately earlier this week.

 One sofa two looks.  Look #1, pale grey sofa paired with turquoise, yellow and graphic zebra printed pillows.

Look #2, pale grey sofa paired with yellow, purple, silver and lots of crystal glassware.

Inspiration straight out of the pages of my favorite read, Style at Home Magazine.  We have these Chinoisery bowls in green and cream and also orange and cream.  More on SAH below :)

This year in August one of my design projects made the cover of Style at Home Magazine.  It was by far one of my biggest career accomplishments to date. 

I was also invited to contribute seasonal articles for all of Occasions Magazine issues this year.  So for me, Christmas started in July when we did this pretty bedroom photo shoot.

Back to the shop.... and more Christmas ideas...

We try to decorate the floating shelves behind the cash desk with a different theme every year.  This year we chose greenery, gold seashells, red magnolia blooms and pillar candles. 

Time for some chair love...

This chair has such beautiful lines.   

Pretty chairs with shiny chrome stud detail. 

Button tufted chair in a soft grey fabric paired with hot pink.

Although not entirely Christmasy, this sofa display with its purple accents and pink orchid arrangement makes me very happy :)

 This fire burner is just amazing... burns either candles, tealights or clean burning ethanol fuel. 

It's a perfect piece for setting the mood and placing inside a wood burning fireplace. 

Set the tone for your entry with this classic holiday idea vignette.  A vase with some epsom salts and sparkly Christmas blooms.  Add a charger plate, top with pine cones, candles and some pine sprigs.

Thanks for reading.  Have a wonderful weekend!


lobstah lady said...

Simply dazzling! love the colors and the commentary! Style abounds! Merry Christmas to you and your talented staff!

Kim said...

Good to see you back!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Susan, your store looks incredible! I have to make the time to stop by in the New Year now that my daughter is in kindergarten. I'm just across the street from you pulling my hair out by the roots trying to decorate her bedroom. Here we are five years after our major renovation and I'm now in the decorating mode. Fabrics, finishes, flooring, furniture.....HELP!!!!