Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Twiggy with It

Late to post AGAIN! Sorry friends. The store, my design jobs and spring gardening have kept me hopping in the last few weeks.

We finally had nice weather on the weekend which meant I spent most of the weekend tending my flower beds. ( I've been working in the store every Saturday). My gardens so needed the work after all the rain lately. I will post some pictures of my gardens for you to see during the summer.

Today I am inspired to write about nature and the influence it has on decorating after spending not only Sunday in the garden but the last couple of evenings. Trees, branches, twigs, flowers and stems from outside to inside.

It seems everywhere I drive lately I'm seeing lovely forsytia blooms. Note to self, plant a forstytia shrub this year. This is my inspiration picture for today. Bright sunny yellow blooms and sunny bright accessories. How pretty!

A more modern interior and what draws my eyes into this image is definitely the stems on the sideboard. .

This room is very eclectic in style. Beautiful blooms on the cocktail table and pillows set off this room and bring it to life.

A totally glam room. I'm checking out the drum shade with its twiggy, branchy motif.

A peek inside Moving Designz Home & Cottage. From the vibrant red branchy bowls, to the throw pillows with branchy motifs to the vase with its cherry blossom print, Yes branches and their motifs are hot.

Speaking of vibrant reds check out this coral room. White on white on coral and that chandelier, no it's not antlers but lovely white branches. Cool! Yet, I think they hung it way too high. 32-34" from the top of the table would have been perfect.

This is another image from Moving Designz with our pretty little dessert plates featuring a lovely bloom and branch pattern. $20 per set of 4. We also carry the matching serving platter and bowl. A nice summer wedding or house warming gift.

I found this image, while surfing the net, of a bedroom really bringing the outside in. Everything is branchy here. Maybe a bit overdone but walking into a room like this ... wouldn't it make you feel happy?

Now I don't know about you but I think this room is "stunningly chic". All the different textures, the shine, and the mix of modern contemporary furniture with glamourous accessories including that large vase of fresh branches with pink blooms.

I'm not quite sure how they did this one. I refer to the single curly willow and its shadow. I can't tell where it is placed but the effect is totally awesome. I love the wall niches and the way it all works together. A sexy room, n'est pas?

How about this diningroom? The beautiful magnolia blooms, the forest wallpaper, the styling, very pretty to look at. Amazing photograph. There's something very surreal happening here.

The wall, the floor, the drapes, the vase, the pillows... I'm going to call this what not to do with branches. We need one focal point. The wall or the rug but not both. My choice the wall.

Another peek inside Moving Designz today. This is our Zeal sofa topped with colourful leafy toss cushions.

Have a good week and happy gardening.
Thanks for reading.

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