Friday, May 30, 2008

She Sells Sea Shells down by the Seashore

Summer is late arriving here on PEI. After a week of wind, rain and generally cool weather I thought I would do a post on sea shells to take my mind and yours off our dreary weather. Nothing could be more summery than seashells. Everyone seems to like them and they are one of the best sellers here at Moving Designz Home & Cottage. I think it's because they remind us of happy lazy days spent relaxing at the beach. Seashells make fabulous accessories.

Todays inspiration room. Gazing at this picture makes me think of summer. I am sure the beach is located just steps away from this room.

Let's look at some very nice table top displays using shells. I like this one.

A seagrass bowl filled with pretty candles and a single starfish. We carry 2 sizes of these bowls.

More pretty candles with seashells.

I love this table setting. Very casual yet elegant.

If you would like to create this table top try using some of these little toonie sized sand dollars from Moving Designz.

We also carry this larger size which is about 4-5" diameter.

Another simple table arrangement with sand, beach grass, and shells.

At Moving Designz we sell these pretty pastel coloured starfish, in blue, pink, coral, yellow and lilac.

We also have these white lady finger starfish, coloured trays and seaglass.

Another lovely beachy room with simple table arrangements using a fish bowl, sand and seashells. I quite love the artwork. That chaise looks very inviting and I'll bet the view is out to sea.

We also carry these glam silver lady finger starfish. They look terrific set in glass bowls or square vases.

We also carry these silver sea urchins.

A beautifully arranged wall nook with a nice selection of shells and corals.

Branch coral like this from Moving Designz comes in 2 sizes.

An artful display full of sealife and other collectables. We have some of those sea trees(seen tucked behind the print) in stock at the store ready for framing or leaning as in this image. Our new summer artwork shipment arrived late last week. Lots of great art prints in various sizes and finishes.

Let's look at a couple of mantle ideas. I love the feel of this room. Notice the solid wood stool/side table. From my post "au natural" a few weeks back I did buy one of these stools for my home, it's very cool.

Beach house mantle idea.

Here's an elegant mantle idea layering art, flowers and a piece of white coral.

This is the coral we carry at Moving Designz. We sell lots of these textural pieces.

This elegant bathroom is by Sarah Richardson and look ... there is a piece of coral. In fact, I see lots of pretty pieces of coral in many of her rooms.

Bathroom shelf decor using fresh seaside colours and that lovely blue bowl full of shells.

Another pretty idea for the bathroom.

Shell candles from Moving Designz, only $11.00 per set... perfect for the bathroom.

Bottles of bath gels and a conch shell full of shells and soap. So pretty!

This is a great idea for storing towels.
I found this image used for showcasing seaside inspired fabric but I think it's a great idea for hanging towels. Double sided velco will do the trick for attaching starfish to your walls.

Three seperate canvas' make up this great piece of artwork. I found this picture on Ebay.

Seashells are very popular in wedding decor as seen in this very coastal inspired bridal cake table.

Starfish inspired wedding invites with a starfish keepsake.

Starfish napkin holders. We carry these little silver starfish. A very easy do-it-yourself idea.

The original starfish base table.

We have this smaller cocktail table version at the store. It just came in last week.

And to finish my post a little piece of jewelry. The ever popular Tiffany starfish pendant. I want one.
Have a great week. Thanks for reading.


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I like the photography on your blog. The starfish especially. I create unique soaps and one of them is a starfish. Hope you''l drop by my blog.
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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!