Friday, April 18, 2008

My Fascination with Tulips

Spring is finally here on our doorstep. We've been patiently waiting or rather impatiently for the weather to turn. We had a great week of balmy weather and I am happy to report the mounds of snow are retreating daily.

One of my favorite things about spring has to be tulips. They arrived in our flower stores and supermarkets a couple of months ago from a local greenhouse grower. Each week when I buy my groceries I pick up a few bouquets for my house, as well as, for the store. They are such a cheery flower. The biggest decision is usually what colour to get so each week I get a different colour.

I didn't realize my fascination/obsession with tulips until I started reviewing saved images on my hard drive. Apparently, I've been photographing them for years. So, I decided for this weeks blog to share some great images of these beautiful little gems of the season. Enjoy all things spring!

Before I get started with the tulips I thought I would post this picture. I left work around 7:30 tonight. The furniture for the river home, hurray hurray, arrived today so I was late getting back to the shop. Sorry. I digress... Everyday I drive by our harbour on my way to work (most days at least 4 times) and for the past 6 months it's been nothing but solid ice. A very bleak sight. This week the ice in the harbour has melted with the exception of a few little icebergs. This image was too perfect and luckily I had my camera with me so I snapped the beautiful sunset on the water at the boardwalk on Green's Shore. Notice the small iceberg to the left. Bye bye winter!!!

Pots of fresh tulips ready for market. So fresh, so pretty.
Tulips reaching for the sun. Sometimes you just have to point the lens up and fantastic things happen.

A lovely close up.

I took this image off the web from a florist site. Stunning, inspiring.

Buckets of the lovelies.

Beautiful pale orange tulips.

I hosted a post Mexican vacation party a couple of years ago and this was my cheery table setting. This picture really illustrates how long the stems grow and how they tend to bend and twist.

A snapshot of my mantle. I know this was at least 5 years ago because of the wall colour.

Playing with my camera settings I managed to get this cool image.

Again experimenting, I captured this floating shot.

I loved the colour on these little gems. Bright and cheery, the perfect spring accessory. Outside in my garden they are just beginning to pop out of the ground. Hopefully in another 3 weeks they will be ready to cut. Some people plant tulips for landscaping purposes, myself, I plant flowers I can cut and enjoy inside.
Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.

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