Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Lovely Saturday Morning

Yesterday while doing my typical Saturday morning blog reading I was caught off guard, totally surprised and honoured to find myself given a Beautiful Blog Award by Kelly and Victoria over at    I want to give them a big sincere Thank You for this award.  They nominated me along with a number of fellow bloggers.  Some of them were known to me and others will be new ones to add to my ever growing reading list.

I encourage you to head right over to Design Ties, and check out their blog. It's one of my favorites. And also visit the list of other talented bloggers who were also on their list.  Congratulations to all of you too :)  And congratulations to Design Ties who won the award first and then passed it on to the rest of us. 

From the smallest province in Canada a special Thank You to Kelly and Victoria and all of my readers, friends and clients who follow my blog, post comments and are interested in the work I do. 

Thanks for reading.  Have a great day!


A Room For Everyone said...

Fantastic Susan, well deserved. I also mentioned you in my beautiful blogs list (it's two awards I had to pass on, but I didn't quite play by the rules of notifying everyone - as some are uncomfortable receiving awards) The project looks like it's coming along beautifully. The enormous stone fireplace will be quite something..Rachaelxx

Nancy@marcusdesign said...

Hi Susan! Thank you for visiting my blog!! Congrats on the beautiful blogger award, and your work is gorgeous. I will definately be back for more :)

Grace said...

I only discovered your blog 2 days ago, but from what I can see the award is well deserved. I've joined as a Follower so I can keep up with the happenings of a designer in PEI (one of my favourite provinces).

DesignTies said...

You're very welcome for the award :-) The projects you share on your blog are so beautiful, we just HAD to give you the award!! Plus we love supporting our fellow Canadians :-)