Friday, March 12, 2010

Design Attic

For this weeks post I want to share the construction progress at "Number One Grafton". 

I posted on the kitchen a few weeks ago from this amazing all encompassing heritage house renovation.

Soon to be luxury 5 Star B and B in downtown Charlottetown. 

The renovations have been ongoing since last September and are almost complete.  My clients, Graeme and Judy Sheldon and myself are getting very excited seeing the project come together.  We're getting to the finishing stages after almost 2 years of planning, dreaming and waiting.

Taking on this project was no small feat.  When they purchased the house it divided into 3 apartments.  After months of planninng the entire house has been nearly gutted, rebuilt, rethought and reconfigured to accomodate 5 luxury suites for their guests.

Today we're going to look at progress in the attic space.  This will be Graeme and Judys private domain "The Innkeepers Suite".  Located on the 3rd floor, this space was unfinished, dark, and filled with old building materials and junk.  The space presented various challenges and unearthed a few treasures too!  Today it has become a light bright spacious living space.  Let's do a before and after run down...

This was the original staircase entry to the third floor attic hatch.

The old stairs were removed, the hatch and ceiling were opened up and the entire area was repositioned to accomodate a lovely new staircase and brand new entry to the suite.

View 1 - This is the original dark attic space with lots of old building supplies and junk piled everywhere...the yellow hole is the old attic hatch and entrance.

View 2 - This is Graeme and Judy and my camera lens covered in drywall dust.  After a walk through and brief sneezing fit we left to let the seamfillers to finish their work...

View 3 - This was Tuesday afternoon, March 09.  As you can see the space has changed considerably.  Drywall, paint, new staircase, new lighting and the gorgeous light birch flooring. 
With one more coat of urethane the flooring will be ready and we can start moving furniture up.  Design dilemna - to paint or not to paint the old brick chimney?  Leave it for charm or paint it the same Cloud White as the walls?  I personally would like to see it painted.  Readers?  I'm welcoming thoughts, opinions and comments?

View 4 - This view is looking in the opposite direction and the doorway to the right of the picture is where the new bathroom is now located.

View 5 - A wide angle shot looking in the same direction.

View 6 - The finished seating area with built-in book shelves, a fireplace and on the left of the firebox a niche for the flat screen television.  It will make a perfect relaxing lounge.  (Judy and Graeme have taught me many lovely English words lounge = livingroom)

View 7 - This little annexed space just off the main living area is about to become the master bathroom.

View 8 - Ahhh now we're talking.  A beautiful claw foot tub, pale cream tile flooring and a lovely nook perfect for a soak!


View 9- Looking the other way...

View 10 - This wall now houses the shower and a nice little built in storage area under the eave wall.

Since I'm at it I might as well post a couple extra images of other spaces that have and are still undergoing major transformations.

Before Suite 4 - A tiny little sitting area was once part of a one bedroom apartment.

During, we're starting the transformation.

This little space has become a convenient little kitchette area for Suite Four, aka Susan's suite :)

Through the doors of the sitting area there once was a kitchen....

And now it has been transformed into an ensuite bathroom.

I cannot wait to share more of this fantastic project... most especially I am looking forward to sharing the finished rooms complete with furniture, window treatments and accessories  In the meantime here are a few of my most favorite beautiful and inspiring attic spaces...

This image is very similar to the furniture we will be using in the Innkeepers Suite ... Stay tuned.

Before I end this post I must thank Judy and Graeme who have been with me since I started my design business.  First choosing me to work with them on their PEI cottage and then inviting me to work with them on this project.  They are wonderful clients, and friends now.  Always a pleasure  :)  xoxo 

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend!


A Room For Everyone said...

Hi Susan, I think considering the floors are birch, I would paint the chimney white. What an incredibly interesting project. It's looking beautiful..Rachaelx

DesignTies said...

Can't wait to see the B&B all done and ready for guests :-) Which suite is mine?? ;-)

Love your attic inspiration pictures. We had an attic room on our last house, and I just loved it. We have a great loft in our current house, but it doesn't have the big windows our attic had.

How about a compromise on the brick chimney -- whitewash it so some of the red still comes through, but there's some white too :-)

I haven't posted my kitchen makeover yet. It's in my Blogger Drafts folder, but for some reason you and some other people can either see the "in progress" post or the link to it. So don't worry, you aren't missing anything!! I'll be posting my kitchen makeover tomorrow (Sunday), so come by and check it out :-)


DesignTies said...

Thanks for your great feedback on our kitchen makeover :-) You're right, our kitchen layout IS similar to Sylvia's!!

I'd love to come out to PEI this summer -- I know a great store to shop at at a great B&B to sleep at :-)


DesignTies said...

I love the nook-feeling of this attic space with its eave walls and sweet little dormer windows. I could cocoon for quite some time in a place like this!! I'm very much looking forward to seeing the rooms all dressed and ready for the party! :-)
Chimney... my vote is that you paint it white.
I have a question Susan... is the attic space open to the floor below?

Donna @ dh designs said...

Wow oh wow! I've got attic envy. I love attic spaces - they are like secret spaces you can steal away to. I can't wait to see the finished product. And I love the inspiration pics too - I want to grab a good book and curl up for a read (aka snooze :)).

Susan said...

Thanks for your comments:)

Victoria, there is a hallway that leads to the attic staircase from the second floor. In the original picture of the stairs they went straight down and now they turn after 5 steps.

Right now, in the area where the bottom of the original stairs ended, there is a new ensuite bathroom for one of the second floor suites.

It's kind of complicated without a floor plan to look at but it works perfectly.

Designer Decor - Designed For Living said...

Hi Susan,
It is a hard decision to paint or not to paint. What is going to be the overall feel of the room? Is it going to be more sleek and clean or is it going to be more country? I personally would leave the brick the color it is. I would let the client see this room finished and than decide after if it should be painted. - it would not be that hard of a job. Keep into consideration that you can not undo painted brick.

Can't wait to see more pictures!

Annie@A View On Design said...

gee we don't have many attic conversions done here in Aus, shame really, because it is such a great space!!! amazing

Maria Killam said...

Susan, you are such a talented designer!!

Ideezine said...


You are so lucky to have such mind expanding projects and clients that can keep the vision board on track.

You define what a designer is and how fortunate we are that you blog and share it with us.

All of your projects are truly fantastic, fresh and exciting.

The greatest part about this project is that many, many, visitors will enjoy these thoughtful spaces over time.


AB HOME Interiors said...

Holy cow. What an incredible home. So many cool architectural details. Love the bathroom reno's. I was cracking up with the drywall dust photo-I can SO relate!

Meagan said...

Thanks for this collection of pictures! We are going to add dormers to our cape cod and I needed ideas of dormered bedrooms and baths! This was very helpful.