Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Day Another Beautiful Kitchen Complete

I know I usually only post once per week but after being on-site this morning I couldn't wait to share how wonderful this creamy white kitchen turned out.  Dreamy.

I've been working with these clients on updating their entire house over the past year, maybe more :0.  One of the last rooms on our list was updating and upgrading the kitchen.  For those of you who follow my blog you might remember that in December I posted on the family room which is part of this open concept kitchen family room space.  If not rewind to early Dec... Field Trip Friday.

My clients had recently purchased and installed all new stainless steel appliances and wanted their kitchen updated to complete the main floor of the house.  The final installations happened 2 days before Christmas.  I had my fingers crossed and our ever reliable supplier Tops to Floors came through with flying colours.

View 1 - The original kitchen... I know some of you are probably thinking, hey there is nothing wrong with this room, it's rather pretty.  Which is true... but what if?  You took it a step further...

View 2- This morning and wow.  The kitchen cabinets were repainted with BM Cloud White, which I simply adore.  We have now added quartz countertops, a stacked marble backsplash, brushed nickel knobs and pulls, new sink and faucet and a new roman shade for the window treament.

View 3- Showing the old cooktop and the mess left behind the cooktop after the old tiles we removed.

View 4 - The new look for the cooktop and backsplash.  Doesn't it look so pretty!  And hey that counterdepth fridge is now looking tres glamourous and right at home with the new look!

View 5 - The Bottocino Marble backsplash close up and personal.  I absolutely adore these tiles.  They are so pretty and a find ... off the shelf from The Home Depot at only $13.99 sq ft. 

View 6 - The former sink, faucet and bare window.  Still pretty especially with the outside view but then...

View 7 - Add this sink and faucet with the oh so pretty curvy lines. And the new custom roman shade adds a nice dash of texture.  We have an awesome seamstress who makes the most amazing blinds ever!  Oops I think we lost a couple of knobs and pulls.  Note to self add to "to do list :)

View 8 - One last time, one last view of before.  Take note of that light valance.

View 9 - I have to talk about this island and the 6' eating extension.  It took a whole lot of convincing to get my client on side with this 4 weeks and 2 house visits.  Previously they had a table and 4 chairs occupying this space and they rather loved it.  However, it totally cramped the space.  It is a rather small room afterall and I felt extending the island was the perfect solution for the space issues.  The quartz is Hanstone Victorian Sands, a personal fav of mine.  It looks really good with either white, cream or dark cabinets.

Are we done yet?  Almost, not quite... :)  Two more things...  Our site visit today was to measure for a new light valance which will be constucted and attached to the ceiling next weekend.  We will then have 4 lovely glass pendants, seen above, completing this amazing glam kitchen transformation.   And lastly the remaining 3 barstools which have been on back order since November were shipped out today.  Halalujeh!  A special note to the homeowners and you know who you are ... it has been a pleasure. 

Stay tuned for Kate and Gordie's kitchen and their amazing new house. We're almost there. While the cabinets were being installed last week... Kate and I were busy choosing the hardware and confirming the right shade of white quartz countertop. Here's a sneak peek from last Thursday.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


DesignTies said...

I hope one big OH MY GOD covers everything that I love about this kitchen AND the sneak peek kitchen too!!!

GORGEOUS!! I absolutely LOVE the long island, and I can't believe it took that long to convince your clients to go with it!!

Also love, love, LOVE the stacked marble tile backsplash. And the fridge is so sparkly!! And the pendant lights will be perfect!!

Do you have any idea how much I would LOVE to review a brand new B&B in downtown Charlottetown!?!? Because not only would I be able to enjoy staying in a beautiful house, but I'd also be in my favourite province AND I could check out the best home decor store in PEI!!! :-) And maybe meet a wonderful blogger buddy too :-)


DesignTies said...

Okay... I don't think I can express my LOVE for this kitchen as well as Kelly... but I LUV it!!! Makes me wish that I'd opted for a creamy white kitchen in my home... it really does! Everything has turned out so well, Susan. And those pendants will be FAB!

Can I come to PEI too?? Of course I have much further to travel then Kelly!


Susan said...

Oh... thank you so much Kelly. I know people... so maybe a summer visit is a must do this year :)


Maria Killam said...

Susan you are such a talented designer, that is a beautiful kitchen!! Thanks for showing it to us!

DesignTies said...

I'd be totally up for that!! Just tell me when, and I'll be there :-)


DesignTies said...

I had to come back and take another look at this kitchen! ;-)
You know, Susan?? Once the pendants are in, the stools have arrived and the space is all styled, I think you should get this kitchen professionally photographed = it's the kind of kitchen you see in magazines and I think - with top-notch photos - you could submit them for publication!!

Susan said...

I wonder how one goes about doing the magazine submission?

Vanessa said...

Great work Susan! I love everything you chose. Most magazines have the email address for one of the editors to send your photos too. I can see this in Style at Home or Better Homes and Garden - "a few changes and a new kitchen without breaking the bank."