Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday's Field Trip

For this weeks post I thought I would post a photo field trip at our project on Friday. This really is the fun part of our jobs, when we get to go in and finish off spaces.

Our clients have been undergoing a series of cosmetic renovations and updates to their lovely home over the past year. They wanted to family room to be comfortable, welcoming and work with their new kitchen. On Friday Ashley and myself were on the job to install drapery, hang artwork and accessorize their family room. The family room and kitchen are combined in one very long and narrow space.

This is the before picture from my visit a couple of months ago. At this time it was decided that we were going to go with smaller scale furniture to make the space feel larger, new wall colours, artwork and window treatments. Up until this point they used a table (as seen) and 4 chairs for eating just beyond the island. This arrangement while practical ate up alot of floor space.

This is Friday morning just after Ashley and I arrived. A blank slate though pretty messy for the moment. She is the one seen struggling with the drapery hardware packaging. As you can see we had our hands full to whip this space into calm area for the weekend.

Fast forward 4 hours later and the room was looking pretty good.

Once again from another angle the view prior to painting the cabinet and replacing the window treatments and furniture.

The same view with the new furnishings, window treatments and artwork in place. We'll be adding the other end table, lamp and an extra chair shortly. We needed to make sure the table and lamp worked in the space, which they do beautifully :)

Next up the kitchen, this is at the other end of the room. At this point the kitchen has received a fresh new coat of paint. The kitchen is very pretty to begin with, just needing some updates.
Imagine how it's going to look with new quartz countertops, a new marble backsplash, a new lightbox with 4 crystal pendants, a new sink, a new faucet, new door hardware, a new roman blind and extending the island to 10'.
We had just enough time to begin accessorizing the hutch cabinets before we called it a day. I can't wait to share the after pictures with you. This is going to be a fantastic kitchen. The installation of the countertops and backsplash are scheduled for installation Dec 22... fingers crossed.
Another little project we did Friday was to decorate the mantle for Christmas. This is such a beautiful may recognize this room from a post earlier this summer. I am still sourcing an area rug for this room and thinking of a thick white sheepskin style. What do you think? Myself and my clients found that the other rugs we tried seemed to make the space feel smaller.

This entire house has been redecorated by Moving Designz over the past year and once the kitchen is completed we have just one room left... the master bathroom. I will be posting the after images in the new year with clients permission.
Have a great week! Thanks for reading.


Maria Killam said...

Such a great job, do you install your own drapery? Wow that's amazing! I cannot live without my installer who always manages to pull something from thin air when the glitches come up.

Cristin said...

Looking great! Love the new window treatments and color on the cabinet! You make it look easy.