Thursday, August 9, 2007

Word of mouth

It's been a month exactly tomorrow since we have opened our doors at Moving Designz Home & Cottage. And what a month it has been with each day continuing to be more amazing than the last.

We are so thrilled with the positive response from people within our community of Summerside, people coming from all ends of Prince Edward Island and the tourists from all over Canada and the world for that matter. I am truly grateful to all of you for coming in and telling us what a great store we have. Of special mention are those of you who are visiting us a couple times a week ( the design diva's) and also those people who are spreading the word about the store with kind referrals. It's been happening day after day. Thank you for supporting us.

Since the last posting I have been very busy with the store, consults, design projects and keeping up with the paperwork. We are also very happy to be featured once again in Island Living magazine. We have just completed a fabulous home we have been working on since January. It's funny how long projects take. It has become my mantra that everything always takes longer than you expect. I think the readers will find this home quite inspiring.

Sheri was with me on Friday as we fluffed, staged and photographed the home. It was a hot day and we worked hard for hours getting it perfectly set up for the photography and ultimately for the readers to enjoy. As we drove home later we discussed some tv shows that make it look so easy, in particular Design Inc. I love that show but how do they do it? While we looked and felt totally dishelveled ( it was 30 degrees) we wondered how they always look so fresh after all we are doing the same thing. Honestly they must have little elves working behind the scenes or very good editing. Perhaps a little of both?

Our next post will focus of what you can do to update your home. We're going to focus on lighting. Something most people overlook yet is so important in our daily lives and can have a huge impact on your home.

Thank you once again for coming into the store and spreading the word. I welcome your suggestions and comments. And please let us know what you would wish for or like to see carried in the store.


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