Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lighten Up

While paint is the quickest and least expensive way to change the look and feel of any room many people overlook the effect of lighting. If you are looking for a way to update your space it might be time to consider changing out your lighting fittings and fixtures.

Lighting has the ability to change the way we feel in a room, it can create just the right atmosphere. Let's think about candlelight as an example. I love it, under candlelight it is quite possible to suddenly become 10 years younger without any surgery. And who doesn't want to look younger? Yes I do love that candlelight... :)

Where does one start with the process when it comes to lighting your home? Take a good look around your house at your present fixtures and ask yourself a couple of questions. Are your lighting needs properly met? Are you living with fixtures that are tired or out of date? Have you bought any new table lights lately? Make a list of your priority rooms and start looking around.

The trend in lighting finishes is brushed white metals and oil brushed bronze which is more of a brown. Brushed gold also marketed as aged brass is also making a serious comeback on the lighting scene. And lastly black... been seeing lots of those black shiny chandeliers. Done in the right space it can look terrific but personally I find them kind of gothic and not for everyone. I am hoping a trend that won't last.

Chandeliers are a hot and lasting trend and not likely to go out of style. They are being used in washrooms and bedrooms, as well as, dining areas. They add that certain sparkle, romance and class just like that perfect piece of jewellry can accent your outfit. I don't know why but I always think of chandeliers as jewellery. Changing out your ceiling mounted lighting to chandeliers in either your bedroom or bathroom is a pretty quick and easy update. Note the word pretty.

Anyone who knows me knows I love jewellery and anyone who has been into the store will soon know I like room jewellery. My bar chandeliers over the sales counter and over the diningroom vignette are perfect examples and add to the overall ambiance of the space. The combination of chrome and crystals are stunning. I've been getting lots of positive comments on those babys. Seen below you can understand why.

Finding the perfect pendants to go with them took some serious sourcing and just when I was about to give up and settle, (I hate settling) I found the drum shade pendants also adorned with crystals. And all this happened just in the nick of time for the contractors and electricians needed to get on with the job.

Lighting a commercial space is basically not a lot different than lighting your home. You need good overhead lighting, good task lighting and then hits of accent lighting. It's all about the layering and of course the budget. A solid budget on any design project is essential. Even if you pick away at updating your lights you will be amazed by the difference it can make to your space.

My next post will cover my thoughts on The Canadian Gift and Tablewear Show from last week in Toronto. What is hot and new on the horizon.


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