Monday, February 21, 2011

Searching for Style

For this week's blog post I am going to share my recent buying for Moving Designz Home & Cottage.  Normally every January I go to Toronto for the both the furniture and giftware shows.  However this year I decided to do switch things up a bit and go to Las Vegas.  After doing some planning and research I chose to attend The Las Vegas Market. 

The market is a combination of furniture and home decor and takes place at The World Market Center.  It is huge with 5 million square feet of merchandise in 3 very large high rise buildings.  After 5 days I'm pretty sure I only covered about one third of it... so big.

Connie (my sister), me and Karrie (my bff)

I chose The Vegas Market for a few different reasons.  Mainly, I wanted needed a vacation.   So I figured why not combine one with work.  Being a working vacay meant my sister and my best friend could come with me.  We could enjoy Las Vegas and still get to shop merchandise for the store.  It so helps that the American dollar is on par with Canada right now!!!

I made the all important list of things I was on the look out for.  Top of the list were lamps. 

I feel in love with these ones ... so pretty and so colourful.  

And these ones are perfect for the cottage.  Coming in green, yellow and blue.

Everyone who knows me knows I like sparkly things.  Those little dots on the lamp are rhinestones.  I think a pair of these glam ones would be most perfect for the bedroom. 

I really like the street name prints.  I ordered LA and NYC.  One of the LA prints is for me and the other for a condo project I am working on.

It certainly was no problem finding colourful accessories, which has been an issue the last few times at the Toronto show. 

I could not resist these lovely felt pillows.
Not to be selfish but I ordered a deep pink one for me.  I think it will look perfect on my bed :)

Colourful throws are a must this year.

Here is a sample of the area rug line that I picked out. 

I'm loving the patterns.

Some very pretty and colourful cut out ceramic spheres.

Our first shipment arrived last week and this corner of the shop has been remerchandised with some of the turquoise ceramics I picked out.  Still loving turquoise.... but what about pink since it is the colour of the year?  To tell the truth I hardly saw any pink in accessories... HOWEVER ...

I did manage to find this gorgeous pink handbag while we were out shopping for ourselves :)
In fact, both my sister and I each bought the same one.  Good thing we live in different cities. 

This was one of the pretty display windows all done up in delicious pink.  If you look closely, see those little pink bags on the table... yummy cotton candy!  I know this... it was good.

I might as well tell you Vegas is big on hospitality.  Almost every showroom had some sort of refreshments available.  Even wine was being served by 11am :)

Sitting down to the most loveliest of designer lunches.  Even the plastic spoons were silver.
Yes ... that is a silver plastic spoon!

Trend spotting... Old is the new new.

I was seeing lots of weathered woods combined with natural materials again this year.
Very cool!

Gorgeous texture, texture, texture

I think the best words to describe this look is "Rustic Elegance".

I ordered lots of colourful pashminas for our girlie section.

A most excellent quote.  I am a quote person.

Another view of the shop today with more new things.  I love the quote pillows.  "you can always bet on yourself"  and "breathe in the good breath out the bad".

For sure this year we have lots of striking colour and something for everyone at the shop.

My really big news is that upon returning home I was invited to be a guest writer for our local paper. 
Last Monday I got almost an entire page to write about the Las Vegas Market. 
So exciting!!!

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You made wonderfully delicious choices for the shop. Looking forward to shopping soon!!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Looks like you had fun in Las Vegas - the perfect combo of fun and work. Congrats on the piece in the paper.

Karen Fraser said...

Today's blog perfectly represents our Vegas venture!!! As you know, I absolutely loved all the items you purchased for your store. You are extremely talented... designer extrodinaire!!! I can't wait to see these items now displayed so beautifully in your shop!! PEI is so lucky!!!!

Karen :)

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Oooh, so many cool things! I LOVE the lamps especially, and the ceramic cut-out spheres.

Your store is looking fab - awesome turquoise display. You need to open MD2 in Ottawa!!

Anonymous said...

Who wouldnt want to go to Las Vegas? You did a great job buying and your store looks fantastic!

Love your pink handbag :)

Lisa said...

Oh so many pretty things! Looks like you had a fabulous time in Las Vegas!

camdesign said...

Loving the pink purse too... and the quote on the wall. So luck to visit Vegas, our buyer gets to go too... me maybe some day.

Ideezine said...


Wow this was fun times all around. Great way to start a new year. Looks like your hunting and gathering was really fab! I'm a quote and sparkle gal also. Article is superb and your circle of good is expanding to greater. How grad is that! All the best to you all.


Vanessa@decor happy said...

Heard this market was fab. Love the area rugs and your new purse.

chezjolly said...

Wow, beautiful, beautiful choices! Love your blog!
-Jessica & Holly