Monday, September 20, 2010

The Window Dilemna... Solved.

For todays post, which will likely go down in history as my shortest ever, I am going to share a window treatment tip for any of you that are moving, helping others move or have a window that you're not quite sure what to do with.  I'm talking temporary window treatments that provide instant privacy. 

The reason I am posting on this topic is because this weekend I made a residence move to Charlottetown.  My new place has alot of neighbours with alot of windows and direct views into my unit, see above.  I measured my windows for custom shades but in the meantime I need something to get me by until they are in.  I'm sure most of us remember the days at University or having your first apartment or home and your windows were completely bare.  That's when the feeling that the entire world can see you really hits because at night yes they can.  Problem solved.

Enter the Redi Shade... I picked these inexpensive paper shades up at The Home Depot yesterday.  There is also a website with lots of different options and colours

No special tools are required.  All you need are sissors, a measuring tape, a straight edge and a utility knife.  The shades are made of paper and have an adhesive strip that attaches to the inside of the window frame.

My patio doors were looking a little bare. 

Within minutes I had complete privacy and coverage for $15.00.  This was so easy.

   Here's a closer look.  Paper pleated shades.  They come with little white clothes pins so you can actually make them go up and down.  These ones are light filtering so my rooms still stay nice and bright. $7.00 each.

For my bedroom I opted for the room darkening version.  The colour is a soft grey and they really do block the morning sunshine.  All told, I spent $60.00 to cover 5 large windows and a patio door.  Easy, fast, affordable.   I'm sure most of you have heard of these but just in case I thought I would pass this info along.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


DesignTies said...

We used these blinds in our old house when we moved the master bedroom up to the loft. Definitely a cheap and easy temporary solution :-)

Does this mean you're selling your beautiful home in Summerside?


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

What a good idea for those kind of situations when you haven't/can't invest in more long-term solutions. Congrats on your move - you have a lot cooking just now don't you. You're going to have to change your profile info now.

this free bird said...

You moved??

And isn't Charlottetown Anne of Green Gables land??



AB HOME Interiors said...

I love these! They are the best invention ever!!

Ideezine said...


I've used these and referred clients to them also. Wow sounds like Fall changes have arrived for you. Hope you are taking some time off to set up home and office priorities before the holiday festivities start to conquer your calendar.

Happy first day of fall!


Donna @ dh designs said...

Great idea for quick, cost effective, temporary solutions. Heck, they look nice enough to be a longer term solution - especially if you can't figure out WHAT you want to do with your windows.

You'll have to share more stories on decorating your new place - although if you true to your profession - yours is the last place to get attention.

The Zhush said...

They look great for the money! Good luck with your move!

Lisa said...

I've used these myself - they work great! But I need to tell my neighbours that after three years it's time to commit to window treatments! ;)

Anonymous said...

I put these up in our kitchen...temporarily... three years ago and just haven't gotten around to choosing REAL shades. Now we're selling the house, they are still there, and no one has complained so far! A great invention.

Tony said...

Thanks for the tip on the blinds susan... I think it will help my customers. I do home renovations and I'm always being asked to create, style, design and build things for people's homes. I can't wait to drop into the new location and meet talk and go over things with you. I think we can both help each other in business. By the way, can't say enough about how much I love your style, website , designs and your determination to succeed at what you love. It's what I am trying to do.

thanks again, and hope to visit soon.