Monday, November 30, 2009

We're on TV... well Kind of...

I didn't get my house altogether this last weekend like I had hoped so I won't have any after pictures until next weekend. Why?

I had a set back with my drapery panels. I took my drapes into the cleaners to get freshed up and when they came back last week they had shrunk 5". Apparently instead of dry cleaning them they accidentally laundered them. So right now they are letting down the hemlines so they will once again fall at 96". I find my windows naked without them even though I have pleated shades underneath the rooms still seem so unfinished without them.

Hopefully when I get them back, fingers crossed, they will be just like new. Luckily most drapery panels have 10" in the 2 bottom folds which can be let down in case of emergency :)

We had an ad produced for tv over the past few weeks so I thought.. why not share it with my blog readers?

Send me your comments this week on our ad and one lucky reader will receive this lovely Christmas cushion cover from Moving Designz Home & Cottage. Isn't it so pretty? We'll draw for it on Saturday Dec 7.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!



DesignTies said...

Hehehe!! I love the line "whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop" :-D I definitely know where to shop next time I'm in PEI!! :-)

Bummer about your curtains -- I hope they'll be as good as new once the hems are let down. Fingers crossed for you!! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.



Maria Killam said...

Is that your voice? It's so beautiful. And I love your ad, it's wonderful!

Ideezine said...

You could always add a colored or tonal panel at the bottom for an updated look and a wow factor. It would look beautiful.

There's always a new way to be creative. Just think of it as the design fairies pushing you in a new direction.


StylishHeather said...

I want a TV ad now - you did a great job!
Good luck with the curtains!

Leanne said...

Great job on your ad! Your voice sounds fresh and soothing. :) The pillows are very cool. Thanks for the chance to win them.

Good luck with your ad response!

Anonymous said...

We'll draw for it on Saturday Dec 7.

But Dec 7th is Monday not Saturday.

Sandy said...

That's to bad about the curtains. I bet you're happy to have the length to fix to problem.

WLurrie said...

So cool about the ad! Missed you as soon as we left the Island. talk to you soon