Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June just flew by...

I haven't posted for well over a month. I came back in from my gardens since my last posting and have been steadily trying to keep up with my yard work on the weekends. Due to the amount of rainfall we received in June my grass and weeds have been growing like crazy.

I also took a trip to Ottawa to visit some friends during June. What a beautiful city Ottawa and its surrounding areas are.

My work schedule has been very busy. Here is a peek at a project I posted on in early May. We have been working steadily for the last 6 weeks on this project to have it ready for the first week of August. The entire inside of the house has been painted, outfitted with all new window treatments, lighting and furnishings. We are still about 3 weeks away from completion while we wait for more furnishings to arrive.

Here is a picture of the familyroom the first time I visited the house for measurements and to come up with a design plan for my clients. At this time the previous owners were still in residence.

This is what the familyroom looks like today. As you can see the change has been quite dramatic!
Thanks for reading. Have a great week!


Ideezine said...

Wow what a great transition. The new color really calms the room down and makes it feel more open.

Love the snaps! Yes we're already almost half way through July too.


DesignTies said...

Love the transformation, Susan... great job!! I love the occasional chairs and ottoman; the dark wood frame/legs are terrific.
Victoria @ DesignTies