Friday, January 9, 2009

Pretty Orchids

For today's post I thought we would have a look at orchids. I am getting ready to leave for a furniture buying show in Toronto tomorrow! The hotel I always stay at has the most beautiful yet simple orchid arrangements placed throughout the lobby. They not only look stunning but they infuse the space with a very pleasant scent. It makes arriving so inviting.

As an accessory the orchid brings both elegance and simplicity to any room. I love them.

I like using them in vases or pots placed on mantles, coffee tables, bedside tables, in bathrooms or as center pieces on a diningroom table. Personally, I have never had any luck with the real ones growing in pots... unfortunately they might last a month at my house. Luckily the orchid stems we sell at Moving Designz will never wilt away and die.

I snapped this picture in the store today. As you can see we have dozens of stems in creamy white, rich red, fresh green and also though not shown in this image we have stems in a bronzy brown colour. Perfect for Spring decorating.

One of our January displays featuring lush bouquets of orchid stems and in the background a very pretty piece of canvas artwork featuring large orchid stems.

Orchid stems in tall cylinder vases with some pebbles for interest. A very easy DIY arrangement and a very beautiful center piece.

Another orchid idea this time with a wide leaf in the bottom.

This was one of our ever changing window displays min early December. So easy to do... we used tall white branches in a wide tall vase and added the orchid stems to achieve this eye catching look. The dripping crystal lamp and tall pillar holders add a hit of bling. The lamp is beautiful, very pretty!
I like this look where you actually see the roots of the plant in a small cube vase. Very earthy.
Hollywood glam bedside.

A gorgeous bathroom by Sarah Richardson and look some very delicate orchids to set off the design.

Who says center pieces are only for dining tables? This lovely potted orchid is the perfect accent!

This is a fantastic room with not one but two orchids taking center stage on the cocktail table. Hmm... kind of reminds me of someones house.

OMG, I think I died and went to heaven. Now this is one amazing room not to mention fantastic photography!

Pretty silver orchid... more glam.

I'm in love with this image of real orchids. The hot pink colour is so beautiful.

Not an orchid in sight but this is a room image from the Black Orchid Hotel. chic chic
Brides to be take note of this fantastic center piece.

This wedding cake is amazing. It would be hard to cut into this gem. So very pretty, loving the coral colour, so hot this year.

Orchid artwork. Dreamy.

Speaking of dreams, I love this white bedroom and the hit of colour provided by the single potted orchid.

Another fantastic orchid arrangement!

More orchid artwork...

Coffee table orchids... beautiful spaces.... ahhhh.

Whether real or faux, flowers add life to any space.
Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


Anna Lindsey Sailer O'Reilly said...

I'm a complete orchid fan.

liang piau said...

check out the marc pascal orchid light.

completely bowled over

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