Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Easy Simple Christmas Decorating

I hope you are all in the Christmas spirit and ready for some fantastic yet simple and easy decorating ideas for the holidays. My personal favorites for Christmas decorating are items which are easy to pull together.

When it comes to Christmas decor I think greenery, branches, pine cones, candles, berries, garland, flowers, sparkley ornaments, colourful ribbon and wrapping paper, white mini lights, and clear glass vases, containers and bowls just waiting to be filled.

This image inspires me to decorate. I hope to have my house done this weekend. I'm a little late this year due to the many renovations my house has been undergoing and a hectic work schedule.

Let's start off with a look at a beautiful front door wreath. How welcoming is this?

And an interior window wreath... very seaside..ish.

A very pretty mantle, lets look at more mantle ideas.

Mantles don't need to be complicated as we will see with the following images from RH. Try placing various sizes of pillar candles, lights, garlands of greenery, a strand of crystals or a garland of berries for very elegant and easy mantle decor.

A very pretty mantle idea using beautiful Christmas stockings.

Here are a few ideas using pinecones.

Lovely red pots perfect for Christmas flowers and mini trees.

I love filling up glass containers just like these ones.

This Christmas tree in this room is so dreamy, talk about focal point. Lets look at a few more...

This year I've decided to trim my tree with silver lady finger starfish. I will post a few images from around my home for next weeks blog post.

Some bright and cheerful Christmas wraps.

I love this bannister idea. It's so simple yet very elegant.

Table setting ideas...

This table setting is from a decorating project we worked for Christmas. We decked out one of the condominium apartments at Harbour Terrace for the holidays. Next week I will post images of the entire project.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!


Gourmet Settings said...

Beautiful collection of photos! It is amazing to see how the simplest things can look so beautiful and elegant.

With your green table setting, I'd love to see what the vases (filled with moss and the white poinsettia) that you have above look like with it. The ones filled with cranberries would look great too. Although if I used that one, I would carry the red into the place setting as well.

It certainly is an inspirational post!

Cali said...

Thanks for sharing the nice photos of gorgeous Christmas decorations.