Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beautiful Inspirational Rooms

In addition to writing this blog I also have a Moving Designz Facebook Group. Every few days I post an image... called ... Today I love. If you have a Facebook account you can easily join my group. Just type Moving Designz in the search bar to find the site and join my group.

For this week's post I thought I would post images I have on my Facebook Group. It's called the easy button since I'm very with design projects and remerchandising the store for Christmas. Almost all of the buys from my summer trip to Toronto have now arrived at the store and we'll be ready with beautiful Christmas gifts, displays and ornaments in the next few days. So many beautiful things. Next week I will post images of the Moving Designz new interior look and our Winter line up of new products for your home.
All of these rooms inspire me.

November 06 - Today I love... this beautiful bedroom, so sophisticated!
November 02 - Today I love... this beautiful livingroom.

October 29 - Today I love... this beautiful dining area.

October 26 - Today I love... this beautiful sitting room

October 29 - Today I love... this amazing shower

October 20 - Today I love... this beautiful space.

October 05 - Today I love... this beautiful bedroom, perfectly classic.

September 25 - Today I love... this amazing bathroom with those amazing closets. The perfect bathroom/dressing room!

September 20 - Today I love... this beautiful piece of furniture.

September 17 - Today I love... this room. So simple, so beautiful. I love white rooms!
September 13 - Today I love...this cozy family room
September 07 - Today I love... this amazing livingroom

September 02- Today I love... this amazing outdoor space.

August 31- Today I love... this room and the amazing view.
August 27 - Today I love... this kitchen from the movie Somethings Got to Give. Give me this kitchen!
August 24 - Today I love.... this bathroom vanity. I especially love the drawer pulls.
August 24 - Today I love... this same bathroom with this cleverly designed storage closet.

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Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

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Jewels from Santa Monica said...

We just renovated our home and because of my job i have seen so many incredible homes that were built without a budget... these rooms are incredible.. what amazing taste..... modern, sleek, elegant, chic, comfortable, easy, sophisticated. I love it!