Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Working Away

Today I thought I would post on home offices and small spaces carved out to meet our ever growing need to work from home. I hope I can inspire you with a look at some functional and pretty home office spaces.

A home office space need not be large to get your work done, but it should be a place where you can feel comfortable and organized whether it's paying bills, surfing the internet or bringing home paperwork or files. All you really need is an area with counterspace preferably a desk or console, a great chair and storage space and/or filing cabinets.

Today I am inspired by this pretty office space. I love the cheerful colour palette of red and white, the abundance of storage, the fresh graphic wallpaper, the clean modern lines of the desk and chair and of course the pretty orchid.

Another pretty office space in red and white with lots of room to get work done. Clearly this a glam yet comfy living space with space carved out to accomodate a work area. Who wouldn't want to work from here? Or live here? It's very pretty and very organized!

A home office can also be as simple as a desk and hutch unit tucked into a sunny corner.

Let's look at some spaces with built-ins. These are fantastic ideas for any area of your home.

An office space can be as simple as a beautiful desk for your laptop!

This space overlooks Central Park in New York. Oh, what a view! Might be hard to get work done here but then again with this view it would make work seem like a joy!

A view from all angles. Now this is cool.

Why not turn a closet into a cozy office nook? These little spaces are near perfect.

A double duty office area for 2.

And lastly but certainly not least a small garden shed converted into a great space to work in.
Have a nice week! Thanks for reading.

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Christina Yep, Chicago, IL said...

I love the double duty one (seems perfect for homework!) and picture #12 down with the gorgeous black/gold or chocolate/gold console desk.
I just love the elegance!