Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bringing out your Inner Designer

Whether you are renovating or starting a room from scratch you need a good plan can help you to get the look you want. I thought I would list some tips that we designers use on a constant basis.

1. Make a list of your furniture and accessories wants and needs.
2. Once you make the list prioritize, based on your budget. Consider the rooms function and what pieces are essential for comfort, function, and beauty.
3. Draw a floor plan of your room. Make it detailed to include doorways, windows and any architectural features. Include the sizes of your windows for reference when sourcing window treatments. Taking a few digital pictures is also a great idea.
4. Layout your furniture. All rooms need a strong focal point whether it is a fireplace or a view, arrange your furniture around your focal point to visually ground the room.
5. Identify what style you prefer. You can easily do this by flipping through magazines or surfing the internet to find what really appeals to you and your lifestyle.
6. When buying furniture purchase the large pieces first. These pieces will be your guide when choosing smaller pieces. Take your colour cue from these large pieces. Bring your floorplan and colour palette with you when shopping.
7. Vary the heights of objects within a room. When it comes to accessorizing create interest by using tall, medium and short items.
8. Display accessories in uneven numbers. Asymmetry is interesting to the eye.
9. Leave some space around objects and furniture. We refer to this as white space, it's the space that lets your eyes wander from one object to another without being overwhelmed. Furniture placement is crucial when creating a comfortable look and feel to your rooms.
10. Keep a file of your upholstery swatches and paint chips. I find a large ziplock baggy very handy for this. Keep it in the glove box or trunk of your car. This way when you are shopping it is always available.
11. Hang artwork at standing eye level. Use a small piece of double sided tape on the back to keep it level.
12. Changing out your accessories seasonally will keep your room feeling fresh.
13. If you are struggling or unsure consulting with a designer may be just what you need to pull your look together.

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