Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Design Tuesdays

I must admit I am slighty addited to HGTV. It is definitely the channel of choice for moi. My favorite show is Design Inc. Headed up by Sarah Richardson and her talented team of designers they really do show the ups and downs of redesigning spaces. True to the show, it has been my experience that on each and every job things do not always flow as smoothly as one likes. There are always little things that pop up but with persistance, a good sense of humor and a constant vision the rooms always turn out beautifully. Check out the show's website www.designinc.ca

I look forward to the show on Tuesday nights just to see what wonderful space they create next. Her rooms have that modern classic style of being both livable and elegant. Or in some cases extreme elegance The last couple of weeks have been reruns but it didn't really bother me as I still find the show entertaining even when watching it for the second time around.

I'm looking forward to her new show "Sarah's House", it starts tonight at 10pm. It should be very interesting to watch the entire renovation process. It's been my experience that everything always takes longer and costs more than you think it will. Most lived in homes have problems lurking somewhere that need attention and when these pop up that's where some of your dollars end up heading. The other thing I find is that as we go through the process most people choose to to upgrade on the finishes. Afterall what truly defines one house from another and makes it more interesting and valuable are the finishing details.

Another show that I find myself watching is Flip this House. The show where people are buying houses and then fixing them up to sell with the bottom line of trying to make a profit. They really get into showing what can go wrong and what can go right. Sometimes I like the homes and other times I wonder what it would be like to buy those homes without knowing how shoddy some of these renovations have been. Or even scarier to buy the home and then see it featured on the show.

I was watching an epidode over the weekend where the renovator completed a million dollar house in LA. My favorite line in the show was when he was finished the house and was showing the Realtor the property. At this point they are downstairs in the massive great room... "Do ya wanna? maybe we should go upstairs....
I don't why but the line continues to crack me up and I can't get it out of my head.

Which reminds me...

The other line which really gets me is from The Colin and Justin Show aka How not to Decorate. The line Colin says to Justin and which they play over and over on commercials for the show. "I'm pitching a tent in my design panties". The things those guys get away with saying always has me in stitches. And who could forget "this room, it's just wrong, prison canteen chic" I could probably rhyme off several others but perhaps they might be to offensive taken out of context. For the entertainment value alone of listening to their cheeky remarks I have to say this show is worth the watch. If you are up and up on your HGTV you probably know they are headed to this side of the pond to work their magic on Canadian viewers homes. Now this I can't wait for....

Other shows which I admit to watching, are Design Rivals. Once again their finished product is always worth the 30 minute wait. The follow up show The Designers Guys, now there are 3, do great spaces but I admit to skipping to the end and missing the body of the show. I just don't find the middle interesting, the part where they interact with each other or take in the local scenery. Somehow it just seems too contrived....yawn.

I do like the House & Home show with Lynda Reeves although it never seems to be on TV when I have have the time to watch it. And I just love the magazine. I also really enjoy watching Restaurant Makeover and the Opening Soon series, again it's hit or miss on finding it. I don't keep to a schedule except on Tuesday nights.

I watched most of the Designer Superstar Challenge series but ended up being somewhat perplexed when Bruno won. In the last challenge he did nail the outdoor room but what about the rest of the episodes? I thought either Penny or Mariana were the obvious choices with their ease in front of the camera. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen with Bruno.

Back to now... and Tuesday nights

"...ever dream of buying a house, gutting it, and re-building, so it is perfectly you? Well I'm doing just that. I bought a house, renovating it room by room, making the most of every dollar. It's tough work but stick with me. I'll show you how to get the home you want." — Sarah Richardson

This should be good viewing.


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